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  1. Calling it now. Eric Cartman's father is Dr. Mephisto. Or maybe it's Cheif (Darth Chef). That would set up nicely for a "Eric, I am your father!" line, haha.
  2. facebook sucks
  3. Ha Ha Stupid Flames!

  4. I hate your face.
  5. Legendary thread.
  6. omg leik snow?
  7. Kevin Bieksa Tommy Vercetti
  8. This thread is legendary.
  9. omg leik it's snowing outside!
  10. CBS? Do I get that channel? x_X
  11. Yeah, I didn't really understand the substance of that comment...
  12. hey you're tyler's brother aren't oyu?...are you tony or trevor?..i'm in tylers class=P

  13. It's Snowskating time!
  14. Hey guys, it's snowing.
  15. are you related to greg zanon?