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  1. What's up? In a few minutes, definitely not me, that's for sure. *yawn*

  2. whoooore


  3. awesome

    tell her i love her and ask if i can have her number

    please and thanks

  4. lol shes great I think

  5. hay arc

    hows your...cousin? i think, the one whos 18 and looks pretty hot

  6. 14/f/wherever you live

    your a/s/l???

  7. im single and looking


    i love bagels

  8. Nah its all good, funny sig :)

  9. Gaborik in Nucks jersey made by me ....

  10. Haha love the sig.

  11. i dunno if it is? lol

  12. Is that Sarkozy in your avatar?