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  1. Hamhuis > Mitchell. Mitchell is more one dimensional compared to Hamhuis. Both are defensive defensemens but hamhuis has an edge offensively. Also, Mitchell had his thing in the dressing room with certain players like Raymond and Kesler I believe...
  2. ... Not bad for someone who we don't need....only 6 more till 300 pages guys!
  3. This thread is legendary... 224 wow. I thought he was a bit rusty but not as much as I expected. He played really well in my opinion considering the circumstances.
  4. I wish I could +1 your name.

  5. I don't believe he is banned yet.

  6. Sir, please do not steal signatures... As noted on your top right corner, it has my name on it thank you very much.

  7. For some reason I thought heath ledger while in patriot looked a lot like Markus Naslund...except younger..
  8. a cantonese song, Let's get Wet- Raymond Lam
  9. He covers up his lack of skill(compare to other nhlers) with his non stop determination and effort. He gives it 110 % every night, his job is to agitate people, and he does a preety dam good job of it.
  10. No way i am!