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  1. This thread is amazing.
  2. Anderson is almost 34. The Oilera don't trade one of their core players for him.
  3. Bob McKenzie thinks the Oilers are the front runner.
  4. McDavid has more than on ice value. The team that drafts McDavid is going to make a lot of money because of it.
  5. Terrible.
  6. And that wouldn't even be enough. Guys like Horvat and Virtanen are high profile prospects in Vancouver because it's been a while since they've drafted so high. A team that has recently drafted Hall, Eberle, RNH, Draisaitl, Klefbom, Yakupov and Nurse isn't as impressed by them. Maybe if it were young Dmen or a goalie with the same draft pedigree as Horvat and Virtanen it would be different. There are also a decent amount of goalies that are probably going to be available this summer. The Oilers won't need to use McDavid to get a goalie. They can probably find one that is younger than Miller but more experienced than Lack. And I also don't think Chiarelli would be interested in picks. They want to win now.
  7. He didn't have to sign for 7 years. Actually, he didn't have to sign at all. And he even said today on the radio that he will never ask for a trade, and if he ever does leave the Oilers, The decision will have been made for him. All that losing and he still doesn't want to leave. It will be the same with McDavid. Though he probably won't have to face the same type of losing.
  8. And in that short time he hired Dallas Eakins, signed Nikitin, traded Dubnyk, and burned the bridge between the team and Petry.
  9. It`s a gaurantee that McDavid will be in the NHL. I think what he means is the Oilers brought Hall, Eberle and Paajarvi into the league and basically told them to carry the team. Then they brought RNH in and automatically made him their 1st line center. Realistically, they all should have had a chance to be 2nd line players for a little bit. It`s not like Hall, Eberle and RNH weren`t NHL ready. They were definitely too good to be in CHL. Eberle was 20 years old in his rookie season and had already played 2 stints in the AHL. Hall had accomplished all there was to accomplish in junior and didn`t look out of place as a rookie. RNH stepped into the league and had the best start to a season by an 18 year old since Crosby. I think he had something like 35 points in his first 35 games. He had a hat trick one game and a 5 point game another night. So it`s not as simple as a player shouldn`t be in the NHL. Like you mentioned, Seguin was in the NHL. They just need to be in roles that are suited for where they are in their development, and that`s where the Oilers screwed up with Hall, Eberle and RNH. I also suspect Nurse and Draisaitl will definitely start the season in the minors even if they look like they earned a job in training camp. McDavid is on another level though. He might come in and score 70 points next season. The regular rules don`t apply to him.
  10. Not really. Nicholson said a couple times that everyone reports to him. Lowe isn't involved unless Chiarelli wants him involved. Lowe will be on business side. He's not involved in hockey decisions anymore. And who knows what will happen with MacT. They don't even know what his new role will be. I suspect they're giving him a few days to decide what he wants to do. Personally, I doubt he feels like reporting to Chiarelli after being GM. So really, it's just Nicholson and Chiarelli.
  11. Yes. Because I haven't been here, that means I haven't been suffering along with the team this whole time. It's been a while since this board has been talking Oilers so much. But it's good to see you too
  12. And considering Katz tried to give Hossa 80M, the Oilers would probably buy a cup before the Canucks.
  13. He's just very willing to dish out compliments. There are worse things people could do