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  1. You guys are kidding yourselves if you think the Oilers won't be able to sign everyone. The Oilers have 20M in cap space and another 20M tied up in Horcoff, Hemsky, Whitney, Khabibulin and Souray(buy out penalty). This also includes Hall, RNH, Yakupov and Schultz all making 3.8M already. What kind of raise do you think they're all going to get? People act like they're going to be making 8M each. It will probably be more like 5-6M which would only be about a 2M raise each.
  2. There is a reason that pretty much every team wanted him. There is also a reason why the Ducks were so desperate to sign him that they even offered him an extension the night before their last game of the season so he would burn a year off his ELC and could get a big raise next summer as a RFA. Everyone is in agreement that he's a 22 year old that is NHL ready. He plays a man's game. Maybe he never becomes a top pairing Dman but he's almost a lock to be a top 4 guy and guys don't come around for free very often.
  3. I enjoy conversing with knowledgeable posters like yourself, unlike 90% of CDC


  4. That's what I was thinking also. Penner didn't have Hemsky throughout the whole year, and he did suffer from it.

    Alright thanks Greene02 :)

  5. Penner will probably start the season on the 1st line with Hemsky and then it will depend on how well Hall plays. I think he's probably good for 30 goals/30 assists again next season. He played over his head for most of last season and then had about a 25 game cold steak. With a healthy Hemsky he'll probably be able to play somewhere in the middle and finish with close to the same number of points

  6. Hey, I was just wondering where Dustin Penner is going to play next season. Top line? 2nd line?

    I have him for a pool, and was just wondering on his status.

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