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  1. I understand the Leafs hate, and I approve it too, but being a Canucks fan in TO, I must respectfully disagree with your notion of Bozak being garbage. Bozak IS good, and not over-paid. 3.5M with 49 points in 58 games on the horrible Leafs? Not overpaid at all. He's one of few pieces on that team I would want on Canucks, along with JVR and Rielly. Having said that, we shouldn't trade for him nonetheless, because: 1. We don't have assets for him unless we sacrifice the future 2. We're not a contender Looking at the list, I can't think of a package that will pry those players out without sacrificing our future. I would much rather see us just sitting tight at the deadline. If we don't make the playoffs, so be it.
  2. Yup. Also fire Gillis in the process too for making this stupid trade. Obviously he has no idea how to build a cup winning team and everyone else who was against the trade on the CDC was all correct. We should recommend them to be the GM's of this franchise instead.
  3. Not to take anything away from Hodgson, but how many times has he done that? You, along with so many other people here, are way too attached to the guy emotionally. You're also exactly the type of a fan who will start to bash the guy as soon as his numbers drop. Apparently, Hodgson was going to be an Yzerman. After watching him play for 62 f***ing game.
  4. Yes, because Cody was proven, right? Playing 12 games in the playoffs last year and 62 games this year was just enough to approve him to be completely trusted over here. I feel if Sedins were able to play their games properly, they can provide enough offense in the playoffs to push us through. I also think Kassian is a guy that could enable Sedins to do that. I know point isn't everything, but since you were going to pull that "9 points in 27 games" crap, I would like to let you know that Cody provided 1 assist in the playoffs last year. What makes you believe Cody will provide the offense in the playoffs he did in the regular season? He averaged 6 and a half minute per game last year in the playoffs and didn't even play against Boston. There are still lots of unknown for Cody too and counting on him to perform is just as risky. Kassian was not brought in to score. I really hope you get this through to your head because I don't want you come back and complaining how Cody is providing more offense than Kassian. That would be like complaining Holmstrom can't produce more than Zetterberg. Perhaps some day we will look back and say it would have been great if we didn't have to make this trade. I do hope that we will be able to say that it was worth it back then and I do believe Kassian gives us a better chance for us to be able to say that in the future.
  5. It's ridiculous watching all the hysteria and paranoia from the CDC. Lots of you wanted a big trade at the deadline. Lots of you wanted a big, gritty and skilled forward. Lots of you wanted more D depth. Lots of you wanted more depth in the bottom 6. We have that now, so what the heck are you crying about? Were you people actually expecting to get impact players by trading Raymond, Ballard and a 1st? It seems so many of you have lots of growing up to do.
  6. Trading a young guy who played a grand total of 80 games or so with the team will destroy the chemistry and is almost a rebuilding move? You don't really know what you're talking about, do you? Rebuilding move is when you trade older and experienced guys for younger players and picks. Trading a young forward with high potential for another young forward with high potential is called a hockey trade. It's not like we traded Kesler or Burrows either. It will take some time before Kassian will get things going but the chemistry won't be affected as much as you think.
  7. They also didn't care as much for losing Kassian. You're talking about the Sabres fans. They're almost extinct and ones that are surviving don't know much hockey.
  8. A great hockey trade that makes a lot of sense. Don't expect to see Kassian matching Cody's numbers because they're two completely different type of players. I felt last year that we could have won a lot of games in the playoffs in Sedins were allowed to play their games and were protected by another big guy. Obviously Gillis felt the same way, as it seems this guy could be used to play along Sedins for protection if the need arises. If we face a team like Boston again, then Sedins can play with Kassian and he will make rooms. Exactly the type of player I was hoping for: A big, nasty forward that can also play hockey. Well, it seems we have that guy in Kassian if he pans out right and the consensus is that he will.
  9. Ah...good old Bieksa bashing even though a lot of players played poorly against Wild last night. Bieksa just stood out due to bad giveaway that made the game 5-1 on the rush the other way. Being a favourite scapegoat for the team's crappy play couldn't hurt either. Luongo couldn't possibly be blamed for last night since he was on the bench... or could he..?
  10. I love the new mods here. It's priceless to keep this thread stickied.
  11. Haha... this thread is pinned again... an entertainment..
  12. He played average against LA. His penalty in OT was questionable. The loss isn't Bieksa's fault, but rather our forward line that missed tons of opportunities to really put the game away. Luongo was solid in net except during the SO. I think his new technique of being deeper in net makes him more vulnerable in SO. Plus, Canucks always stars slow in October and it was just one game we lost in SO. We still have tons and tons of games left.
  13. I think they're expecting him to miss about 10 games, so that is most of October. No offense to you though, I think you should know when the guy is coming back from an injury before you draft him, not the other way around.
  14. As someone else said, there's a god thread in off-topic section, which is the most popular thread of all time period. It has more than 2000 pages and now it seems it's even pinned.
  15. Martin St.Louis? Brian Gionta? You don't know anything about hockey?