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  1. Nobody is paying attention already. All the old-timers came back to say their goodbyes months ago. Now it's just a sideshow - like 4chan or something
  2. We've been blaming the organization but it was Invision the whole time
  3. Or as we would say... 꺼져 이 씨발 좆같은 세끼들아
  4. Is this like driving past the empty gauge?
  5. Whoever closed this forum you absolutely suck.  

  6. Let my last be a big fat F U to the piece of shit who decided to close this forum. You suck and I hope you eat farts in your sleep.
  7. Will this be a permanent change or is it still being worked out?
  8. I have zero background in this stuff, but clearly the back-end web of the new forum is a lot clunkier. Without a muzzle on Stealth, I feel like he can be more open about the technical struggles.
  9. It won't be the same but the more we bring on board the longer this community survives.
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