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  1. [OFFICIAL] Canucks Injury Thread

    Canucks d can only get better right
  2. [PGT] "Down with the Sickness"

    This core doesn't have anymore to give. 5 division titles, 1 western conf championship, 2 presidents trophies, Selke hart trophy art Ross x2 Ted Lindsey Masterson Great regular season team. Overall a great playoff team for 1 season and mediocre for rest It was a wild ride while it lasted
  3. Province Article - is Daniel Sedin Done...

    In terms of goal scoring. He's had a bad 102 games so far. This and last season. 20g pace
  4. Gillis silent while Canucks need him most (Bold moves my ass)

    1-8 playoffs after cup finals is the only numbers you need for Gillis. Another first round exit and I'm sure aquilini will not be pleased with the lost playoff $$$. Personally I don't think this team is good enough to compete, but hey prove me wrong. I'd love a cup run along with another Canada gold
  5. Province Article - is Daniel Sedin Done...

    If you simply go by the numbers. Sedins goal pace dropped in half. He was averaging ~35-40g season and last 2 he's on a 20g pace. 2011-12 season he was doing great. Keith hit, following seasons now he's dropped. Naslund also saw a drop after Moore hit but his numbers were better than Daniels 20g (although Sedins plus minus is much better. 7M per year is what him and henrik are worth on open market. They can still both put up ppg seasons. If Canucks could get a high skilled player with them it may be a catalyst to get them going. Or if they have a good Olympics... Imagine if they play well at Olympics and come back playing same old here lol
  6. Jason Garrison so far?

    At least Garrison can do a one timer. The other d men have difficulty hitting a moving puck.... Also they need to close in with Garrison he straddles the blue Line too much.
  7. My picks are Nick Lidstrom and Chris Pronger ps- good idea for mock draft brah