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  1. how are you man? do you still believe in cycling sports? greets

  2. cunego wins 4th stage of the g-tour! rebellin 2nd. Voigt leads!

  3. Zabel wins 3rd stage of the Deutschland Tour! 2nd

    joaquin 3rd McGee!

    Voigt Leader!

  4. Deutschland Tour starts today!

  5. ya, that all sucks. hopin for a better tour in 2008! thats all not good for cycling-sport!

    greets from germany

  6. nice ride today by alberto contador

  7. Boonen should win Green ya.. but Hunter may give him a run, only 9 points back!!! With 35poiints for a sprint win anything can happen!

  8. yeah boonen will get green for sure

  9. McEwen is out! he was to slow!

  10. THX for the heads up man.

  11. some bobblu1 guy stole your avatar just thought youd like to know

  12. Hey, dont worry but Erik Zabel will win the Green jersey! ;)

  13. where'd you put my sig?