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  1. oh, didnt noticed Keaton Middleton finally signed a ELC IRL. and made his NHL Debut . sometimes patience is a good thing. Congrats
  2. Blackhawks Roster Moves Assignment: Blackhawks assign D Tobias Björnfot the the Rockford Icehogs Recall: Blackhawks recall D Anrew Peeke from Rockford
  3. it seems my team is not even able to win vs. monty´s team.
  4. will reply to PM´s Saturday or Sunday. I´m not really into Playoff and Trade Fever. Will take a look at all offered Players though. Regards
  5. @Nail Pickup only showing a +1 from VINNIE HINOSTROZA but he had also an Assist last Night.
  6. With the upcoming Expansion Draft , you cant have enough Goalies
  7. Mrazek just returned with a shutout. He´s 3-1-0 with 3 Shutouts now ...lol Driedger also with a shutout
  8. Blackhawks recall Vinnie Hinostroza
  9. Blackhawks Roster Moves Assignment: With a pending Trade the Blackhawks assign Conor Timmins to Rockford (No Waivers)
  10. Preds coming closer. My Team has to kickin´ Tires. Some guys slumpin´ and i need Mrazek back
  11. not really. alot of players are below expcetions, Toews hardly missed, injuries, Goalies didnt worked out. Team could be much higher in Standings. just saying.
  12. Blackhawks Roster Moves Assignment: The Blackhawks assign F Dylan Cozens to the Rockford Icehogs Recall: The Blackhawks recall F Givani Smith from the Rockford Icehogs
  13. @Nail this still hasn´t been proceeded
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