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  1. Ullmark loss, White scratch. not good nice to see rodrigue joined oilers taxi squad
  2. yeah thx, allready saw that. also kyrou and perreault moved up from taxi squad. all should be fine
  3. RGMG 2030/31 Buffalo Sabres Roster Kyle David - Mario Colonnello-Tim Ikpide Grant Thurber - Lukas Rangnick - Vitali Kravtsov Karja Kunjabuhari - Ahmed Morsy - Dru Walters Phelix Sparks - Pranab Singh - Gökhan Burkart Shani Padalino - Chad Lemay Fredrik Möller - Maxim Dubchak Heinz Lohmar Rasmus Ristolainen Dave Topping - Ben Ballhorn Erwan Mifsud Octavian Bumbescu Darien Franche
  4. Assignment; The Chicago Blackhawks assign Michael McLeod to the Minors (No Waivers) Recall: The Blackhawks recall Jordan Kyrou from the Minors
  5. congrats to dylan cozens for his 1st helper in the nhl. mrazek starts with a shutout , brown, svech, clutterbuck also with scorer points. those 2 comtois goals hurts though. roster moves will follow later
  6. lol, missed the koskinen win cuz sources said smith will play congrats to tobi rieder for his 1st goal with the sabres though.
  7. lol, why is comtois on the active ducks roster , 2 goals wth !? this taxi squad thing is allready annoying
  8. will be rough to make the playoffs without our captain.
  9. damn , hutton didnt made the ducks nice to see kyrou movin up from the taxi squad with the game winner.
  10. wow, rodrigues played on pengs top line. former taxi squad guy kyrou with an goal. allready missing points
  11. Thanks @thejazz97 for the fast and easy negotations . The Habs would like to Welcome (back) Tobias Rieder and also John Hayden to the Organisation. Both will give our Forward Group some more depth after the injury bug allready hit the Habs Locker Room. Further some high expected Players didnt made the Roster again . Maybe one or 2 more deals will be made in the next Days .
  12. Toninato LITR IRL Season allready sucks. lol