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  1. "Steve Magazzati shouldnt even come close to MMA, let alone be a ref" i think he made a good call breaking up the Valesquez fight
  2. Dana said he hopes that GSP gets back training by February...so around March he would prolly need 3 months before his next fight is announced...so dayum GSP would prolly be back next summer or just before that...WOW.... UFC 103 looks not bad...i mean you got cro going at it with Franklin to me is one of the more exciting stand up guys
  3. If Silva is out till 2010 and GSP is out till next March...its gonna be hard for the UFC to get some really exciting cards going...Although Macqardt and Silva fight is on the horizon.
  4. there are so many brown ppl on the boards these days LOL
  5. This is my first hockey game I am trying over the Internet Downloading now
  6. man that roster is anything but realistic

  7. the sky here in surrey is like having an orgasm