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  1. Jason Garrison so far?

    Loving it ... only way is up...
  2. Jason Garrison so far?

    thats what I've been saying since we've aquired him ... his skating looks choppy but he's actually pretty quick..
  3. Jason Garrison so far?

    we lost 5-1 .. he came out a +1..
  4. Jason Garrison so far?

    Agreed - I honestly don't think he's as slow as people say... his skating is just really choppy - looks like he's beating the crap out of the ice... other than that hes great positionly ... knows how to use his body well along the boards -- couldn't ask for much more - he's starting score with minimal power play minutes in the beginning of the year and finally now starting to get some PP2 minutes...
  5. Jason Garrison so far?

    AV's rewarding him with more ice time as well - he was leading all DMEN with 25+ today... normally its EDLER but I'm happy it was GARRISON! Finally AV does something right... Hammy and Garrison should be our minute leaders as defenders.
  6. Jason Garrison so far?

    I agree with you - If he learnt how to use his big body - forwards would be scared to play against him.. it seems like he doesn't like to hit much... but come playoff time lets see him use that frame and crush some of those chicago players... him and hamhuis are our new shutdown pairing and they look pretty solid to me so far! .. signing is getting better and better - although he isn't worth the money yet .. but I'm sure he will be!.. excited for this guy!
  7. Jason Garrison so far?

    just thought i'd throw this out there GARRISON was... even .. that last game against detroit .. while our not overpaid defedners were -2 n on.
  8. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    Karma for what? not choosing to play in vancouver.. ? lol growup n move on.
  9. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    He hasn't even played against Men yet... I don't get how he'd be so amazing... whole different game playing against kids and men.
  10. Linden For Gm

    how would he be "sick" ? Just because you played in the NHL it does not mean that you can manage a hockey team... oh hey, I've coached u16 girls soccer - let me take a swing at becoming the coach of the canucks? come on get real.
  11. Linden For Gm

    barrack obama leads a nation doesn't mean he can GM a team.
  12. Linden For Gm

    How do you know he'd fit in as a gm? how do you know he knows what hes doing? yes he was an amazing canuck on the ice and community but that doesn't mean he's fit to be a gm..