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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Burrows...Do we really need him? It says a lot about Burrows that that question is only seriously being considered a valid question EIGHT years after that OP was written. If we are going to retain at least a few vets as guides and examples for the next wave of dedication and hard work, then besides the Sedins, there is no other player that would fulfill that role better.  But if we got a great return, for another good young prospect or high draft pick, and it gave Burr another shot at the SC, I'd be ok with that too.
  2. NFL thread

      And this was at a time when they could have still won the game, however slim. But to me it looked like a combination of A. He'd already shut down...his mind was already reeling with thoughts of "I'm going to lose. its not fair! How can this be happening!!" so why bother? He was already licking his wounds.  And B. It looked like he saw his O-linemate hovering over the ball in the same position to pounce on the ball as he was, so I'll just let him take the pain for it. (And that O-lineman probably should have managed to snatch it, but IMO he partly was assuming Newton was going to drop for it too, so there was a seconds hesitation) But it is just something you never see in a championship game. Where a so-called leader of a team just gives up on a play that late in a game with at least a possibility to win still.
  3. Good for Manning! (The HGH paid off). Newton will have another change I'm certain. Probably the best thing to happen to him as a young QB. Get so close to taste it this early in his career.
  4. lol  Already fuel for post game analysis, especially if Carolina loses.

    not goodenuff

    Hutton + Sedins please

    They are playing boring hockey because they don't want to make a mistake. Mixing up some lines like that throws another curve to tackle besides the time off. So they're playing careful. I don't like it.

    at times playing with confidence in the O zone But look like they actually are trying to give the puck away in the D zone

    Putting Vey on the PP isn't so dumb afterall, eh Willie?  He got a goal! after only about 40 games.

    Plus getting for next to nothing a 13th overall pick in Kassian who may just finally start to play to his potential, including a goal tonight.
  11. Retro Jersey Unveil (Feb 13 vs Leafs) - Bonus Jake pics!

    Miller with the jersey he SHOULD be wearing!   norespectfortheV#
  12. The message has sounded loud and clear: Do not hit an official. Calgary Flames defenceman Dennis Wideman was suspended 20 games by the National Hockey League Wednesday for colliding with Don Henderson and cross-checking the linesman to the ice in last week’s game against the Nashville Predators. I still can't believe these commentators in the video.  "..there's the collision..he doesn't even see the linesman"  "Wideman was clearly woozy"  "Absolutely yes he was"   EDIT: Didn't see the other thread.