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  1. This year's home game opener includes free covid butthole checks at the entry gate.
  2. Wow. Tickets for Toronto Maple Leafs are not doing well. They just sent out an email to the waiting list offering half season tickets starting at $1800 a pack for 18 games. Never seen that before!!! I guess they figure they won't be able to sell the tickets at full price and are wanting to dump them ASAP. Not much confidence in their team. Remember when Canucks tickets used to be 100% sold out for the entire season on the day they were released? ------------------------------------ As a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs Season Seat Waitlist, we are excited to offer you presale access to our Toronto Maple Leafs Half Season Pack! New this year, our Half Season Packs have been split into a Blue Pack and a White Pack, with seat locations available in both the Lower Bowl and Upper Bowl. Purchasers can enjoy exclusive Half Season Pack benefits that include: Access to the best matchups of the year Discounted tickets to 18 home games Same Seat Location for all games Playoff ticket presale access (Rounds 1 & 2)
  3. That's brutal. I used up all my vouchers back in March and it worked. I used them on the canucks marketplace. They all worked for me. I guess they discontinued them all?
  4. Not to mention Canucks fired like... a huge amount of their staff.
  5. Am I still allowed to post here even though I gave up my tickets? I hope there is demand this year. I wouldn't feel bitter. Part of me thinks with Seattle coming in and covid ending it could be a really awesome year. Canucks could go deep and rejuvinate the hockey spirit in the city. They are due. I honestly just don't have time to go to that many games though and I don't have time to sell tickets. It took a lot of effort to sell tickets the last few years. Even on stubhub it took hours of uploading and stuff. Also stubhub is an awful company and I hated dealing with them.
  6. Remember the Patrick Kane thing and how that all ended up blowing over. This doesn't mean anything until charges are filed.
  7. I never knew just how famous Jagr was in Czech Republic until I visited there. I mean, he is literally a god. There's pictures of him everywhere. He has all kinds of sponsorships that are only in Czech. He was even on a McDonalds billboard.
  8. I dumped my season tickets. I am no longer a STH. So long farewell
  9. You can track all transactions but that doesn't help if you don't know who the bitcoin accounts belong to. Anyone can sign up for a bitcoin account and begin trading bitcoin wtih no ID and using a VPN. It is entirely anonymous. Imagine being able to open a canadian bank account with no ID or address or even your name.
  10. Yeah but that bag of cash had to be laundered somehow which meant taxes. The IRS/CRA are happy to collect taxes on illegal profits. Imagine if bitcoin became an accepted payment method for real estate transactions. I am sure the criminals are much happier with bitcoin than carrying around bags of cash. You can't carry a bag of cash on a plane or cross borders with it, but you can easily carry bitcoin anywhere. Bitcoin is loved by criminals.
  11. Plus after he bought bitcoin and announced it, the stock price went way up. So immediately he is in the green. It's like what Warren Buffet does (except he does it much more legally in news announcements). Or like when Oprah bought a ton of weight watchers stock then said she loved bread then sold it all off for a huge profit. The rich get richer. That money came from somewhere. Every dollar Elon makes is a dollar someone else lost.
  12. I mean, Elon Musk put $1 billion dollars into it (technically, Tesla did). Not sure I would consider that "so much stock". Tesla has a market cap of like 600 billion.... so buying 1 billion in bitcoin was probably more a publicity stunt. If you only have 1/600th of your wealth in bitcoin then no worries
  13. It only took a sale of about $8 billion in bitcoin to trigger a $250 billion drop in market value. This goes to show how only so many people will end up getting out with money, and those left behind will be the bag holders. Sort of like what happened when gamestop plunged. I can't believe ANYONE out there would think that countries (especially the USA) are going to sit by and let bitcoin exist. The crackdown will be hard but also be unified. I bet all the world governments come together and collectively ban bitcoin including Europe. They will make it illegal for any banks to allow bitcoin transactions and any credit card companies to process purchases. That basically will kill it. That's the problem with bitcoin... people say it is independent and stuff but it relies on existing monetary systems to function. No one talks price in Bitcoin... it would be impossible. People use USD to negotiate a price and then convert that into bitcoin. So bitcoin relies on USD to find its value and that works because USD is stable. Bitcoin cannot function at this point in time without integration and it is going to get shut down hard.
  14. I hear that on April 20th (4/20 of course) there will be up to 3 ETF's hitting the TSX which will provide direct access to crypto (Ether). I fully expect these to soar in price. All that RRSP/TFSA money can now flow freely into crypto. This is going to inflate crypto prices. This is scary to me. Why? Because ETF's only trade during certain business hours, but crypto trades 24/7/365. Seems like an absolute dream for the market makers. Imagine having your money locked into a crypto ETF on a long weekend. They have 3 days to create fear and panic. They dump the price of crypto. Then on Monday, all hell breaks loose. Can you say "Black Monday"?
  15. This is why, for the first time in my life, I am partially invested in gold. The writing is definitely on the wall. The way I figure it, either way, people have already lost confidence in the stock market and governments. It is only a matter of time before this becomes obvious. Gold seems like a solid bet these days without much risk. I've also added to my oil investments. Basically, commodities are all I feel safe investing in now. I can't sit in cash but I also can't bring myself to invest in the stock market.
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