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  1. More layoffs pretty much confirms there will be zero fans in attendance until at least September or October 2021. With the resurgence of covid I expect the NHL to announce anytime now a shortened 48 game season and playoffs from January to June. Then revaluate and see. Honestly, I think Oct 2021 is still optimistic. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see fans until Oct 2022
  2. Still hasn't hit my priority number. I am guessing there is probably a very low inventory of UB4 seats left as usual. Seems like a lot of people would move to UB4 instead of cancelling their tickets just to maintain seniority.
  3. As a season ticket holder I am in no rush to see them allow fans back into the stadiums. I have zero interest in attending ANY public sporting event until vaccines are wide spread. Not because I am afraid of coronavirus (I already got it and recovered) but because I don't want to attend a hockey game with any restrictions, e.g. social distancing or masks. Next time I go to a hockey game will be when it is a full arena with 19k fans and not a single person wearing a mask. If that is not until 2022 or 2023 then so be it.
  4. I tried but got frustrated with the code not working for a bunch of stuff.
  5. My wife, who has become a pretty big hockey nut, still isn't a big enough nut to follow other teams. So she doesn't know who Tyler Toffoli is. Well, when I saw the trade, I yelled out "BABE, WE GOT TYLER TOFFOLI!".... she said.... "What? I'm not tired of Chipotle". So we got Chipotle tonight for dinner and then I explained to her, over dinner, who Tyler Toffoli is.

    1. Grape


      Wholesome. I love it!

  6. My wife. who knew absolutely nothing about hockey when I met her, just said the following when I told her brock boeser signed for 3 years: "Oh, that's awesome! That's when Luongo's recap penalty expires so we will have cap room to re-sign him!".......... yep, I've done my job converting her to a Canucks fan. Work accomplished.

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    2. goalie13


      Impressive.  I bet most of CDC didn't even think of that angle.



      I'm clapping for you,good work.

    4. debluvscanucks


      I ousted my husband when he stopped caring about hockey.

  7. Listening to Moon River by Henry Mancini

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      Beck/Clapton have some pretty tasty versions on the bube-tube!

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      Audrey kills it every time. 

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      smithers joe

      my huckleberry friend. i'm your huckleberry.