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  1. All I want: Megaman X 3D. Please.
  2. Ok, I feel the need to restate my feelings towards using a strategy guide in a less dickish/trollish manner. To me, entering a world the size and depth of Skyrim with little to no pretense is awe-inspiring for a few minutes, until my lack of understanding and ignorance brings a feeling of stupidity. Imagine landing on an alien planet. It's fun for a bit, but that lack of knowledge can get you in trouble quite quickly. However, I totally understand the longing for exploration some of you have. As log as we're all having fun, right?
  3. It's very difficult to be in combat with the 3rd person camera, but I suppose you may be able to get used to it. Difficulty wise, I'm playing on normal, and it's challenging in a very fun way. You can't wade into combat half-cocked, or you'll get handed. And to add to that, there's some fights that are just simply stacked against you. You need to learn when to hold or just run.
  4. Lol nope. It's all about creating exactly what you want, getting exactly what gear you want. And also knowing as much as possible about the world you're in.
  5. I bought the Collector's edition strategy guide... this game is immense. Honestly if you don't get the guide, you're only playing a fraction of the game. And the graphics sure as hell don't look dated. This game is breath-taking on PC, and not too shabby on the box either. But, too many idiots place way too much importance on graphics (least important part of any game).
  6. Thursday at 9PM Pacific is when it unlocks on Steam!
  7. saw your user name. love sterling. but not as much as cyril :D

  8. Or it's the same everywhere, as it should be.
  9. I am so excited about this kid. Looking like the real deal.
  10. Archer's an awesome show. Props

  11. Sammy was hurt all year with torn abdominal muscles. How he even managed 50 points is incredible. We really, really missed him in the playoffs. He solidifies our offense.
  12. He's wiry.
  13. Personally, I have him as my dark horse to make the team this year.
  14. That's some nice prejudice there.
  15. GO OUTSIDE. Kidding