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  1. Can’t believe I’m saying this. Sutter isn’t a centre anymore, therefore LE is a better option for penalty kill and fourth line. He is way better defensively than Sutter.
  2. You need to have Tiger Woods mentality. You settle with a win, but your goal is devastate. We had the opportunity to devastate them in the 1st period.
  3. Yeah, it’s Luongos fault . Sven Bartschi should be on this team, TG just is to loyal to Sutter.
  4. This forum is going to grenade when Tkachuk becomes Captain. Also - OJ kinda played well tonight tbh.
  5. Leivo isn’t a loss. Pearson is a better player, difference being Leivo is playing with players who are playing better currently.
  6. They don’t LOOK like they want to win. We literally have a captain who is MIA. If Bo can’t score, he needs to hit. At least show your team you’re fighting.
  7. We aren’t losing because of goaltending... We take a thousand penalties and has numerous turnovers, failed clears and breakdowns. Our PP is 0% and we can’t generate offense. Holtby and Demko aren’t the issue ffs.
  8. Oh captain oh captain where art thou? Say what you want about Petey, our bottom six etc. But we haven’t seen our captain since Game 1.