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  1. when the peg gets their own nhl team, are you still going to root for the that too personal a stop,,,,lord stanley's mug.

  2. Holy! Lol. Worse than Winnipeg.. Suckas!!
  3. Did I meet you at the Wild/Canucks game!?

  4. 4 more days!!!!! SO EXCITEEDDDDD

  5. Nicely done. Lest we forget. Thank you.
  6. Haha well i'm new to hockey and to this board. Yeah its real rough for us Hawks fan, Seattle sports this year has just been terrible, worst sports year of my life

  7. Haha, you don't like me cuz im a Canucks fan then!? lol. Its been a tough Seahawks season..

  8. whaaat? lol that was the weirdest most confusing comment ever. :P

  9. Creeping because you creeped first. Creeped is not a word!

  10. Hey there hot stuff !! I miss you too

  11. My friend, I miss you! :(

  12. Winnipeg is making transit tunnels.. however that works..
  13. muhahahahahah!!!!

  14. I've creditied you! Thanks a bunch! It looks amazing! :)

  15. np, you didn't really need to but thanks :)

    I really like it too :P