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  1. i see us not protecting the following for the ED. roussel, beagle,virtanen, highmore, eriksson....bowey and holtby. trade virt before draft and let seattle pick away. benji and his management group are always thinking. he said they would be studying other teams lists to see if they can pick up some good deals before the ED. canucks are good on both wings, but short one center, defense needs work.
  2. i think bowey is the d-man we have to supply for E.D. if he isn't taken, he can be waved to uttica.

    good move JB.

    1. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      So we downgraded a pick just to get a guy that MIGHT be picked in the ED. Wow

    2. Type R

      Type R

      Cheaper than giving up a pick to force them to take someone we want them to?

  3. i like the signing.it allows us to ice 3 scoring lines next season. the fact that he was able to have chemistry with horvat is huge. it also allows bo to breakin a new player, pods or lind next year. 3 lines with offense and solid defense is what we've all been looking for. cudo's jimbo.
  4. my game plan for next year would be; buy out...ferland; trade roussel, sutter and virtanen; retire...eriksson; walk away from edler and benn; hoping seattle takes holtby; resign hamonic and trade for a rhd; take a flyer on petey's brother and see if they have any magic together; bring up lind and rathbone for next season.

    resign green; find out what we've got in boyd, vesey, macewen, lind. rathbone and podkolzin? probably not tough enough yet.

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    2. Bo fan

      Bo fan

      no - still not tough enough - although Benning did say in his presser that they were going to try to  sign Tramkin - but he didn't seem to like playing that tough game either. We will see - suspect in 2 years this is a totally different look for the team - hope I live to see it.


    3. Quantum


      Ferland will be on LTIR for the rest of his contract. The deal likely gets dealt to a team trying to hit the cap floor. So there's no reason to buy him out. Beagle may be on LTIR for the final year of his deal. Eriksson probably retires after collecting his bonus. Roussel could be bought out, he seems like a candidate. Virtanen is dealt. Sutter isn't re-signed and walks. Edler and Benn, I agree with you, should walk away... though I could see Edler returning on a 1 year cheapo deal if he continues playing. I think Seattle will either take Holtby or Myers. Myers could be a sleeper pickup for them if he's exposed. Though Holtby on an expiring contract may be intriguing for Seattle as a backup to whoever they select as the starter.


      Rathbone and Lind likely make the team next year alongside Podkolzin. Not sure if Vesey or Boyd return. MacEwen probably slots in on the 4th line somewhere because he's so cheap. If they can get Vesey to return on a minimum deal, that wouldn't hurt there depth.


      I do like the idea of taking a flyer on Emil Pettersson. He's Yotes property until July 1st (I know it won't actually be July 1st this year, just using it as a marker for free agency) so I could see him being signed for depth reasons... sort of similar to how, in the NBA, the Bucks signed Giannis's big bro Thanasis to keep Giannis happy even though Thanasis is a depth player -- but he's more valuable than your average depth player because of his close relationship with Giannis.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      someone on here said that canucks couldn't get insurance for ferland. if that is true, i think buying him out makes sense. if he is insured then i agree with you. my biggest wish is them spreading their good players over 3 lines. it is with that i like the pearson signing.  i'ld like to see our top 3 centers as petey, horvat and miller. hogs with peyey; lind with horvat and pearson and podkolzin learning with miller. we've all wanted 3 scoring lines that are also defensively sound.

      i'm interested to see boyd play. him and motte may be 2/3rds of a good checking line.

      just my wish list.

  5. i like the signing but i'm not a gm, just an opinionated fan who has never built an nhl team. i look for pearson to be a solid defensive strength on bo's line as they help a new player reach his potential, maybe podkolzin or lind.
  6. looks like we all had prince phillip. my unofficial count has canpuckluck and the falcon at 5 each and 5 of us at 3 and two at 2. rip prince phillip.
  7. we might see a line of horvat, pearson and polkozin next season. i think bo need a good defensive familiar linemste while trying to break in a new player. i think it could end up a good move. it took a long time to find bo a linemate that compliments him. i could see jim going with 3 scoring lines next season, with petey, bo and jt as our top 3 centers. i'ld like to see something like petey, hoggy and boeser; bo, pearson and podkolzin; miller, lind and motte. each line with offense as well as defensively sound line mates. it could work
  8. wasn't she our goalie or just a look a like?
  9. does ferland have yo be protected, since he has a nmc?

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    2. canuktravella


      hes also in injury reserve so hes not requiring to be protected  i doubt hes back next yr i think he retires  once contract us up  head injury is not to be messed around with 

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      I think Ferland might actually have value (assuming his contract is insured) as insurance covers his contract & he can't return to play.  A cap floor team might be interested in acquiring such a deal (it has been done before as I think Hossa's contract was dealt for this reason).

    4. mll


      @NewbieCanuckFan  word is that his contract is not insured per Dayal.  Also teams have had to give up assets to move LTIR contracts given how they limit a team’s flexibility. 


      There are really no teams close to the floor either. There are also sufficient teams looking to clear cap space that it’s hard to believe that a team will pay to take on cap when they can get paid to do it.  Detroit with Staal or just this week Chicago getting 2 young players.

  10. i hope during this covid break, JB can get petey and huggy signed. then he'll know what else he can afford. apparently, beagle's injury will keep him side lined this season and probably part of next season too.
  11. my grandson is moving to vancouver next month, hope he is making the right decision? he may transwer to a safeway store down there.

    1. drummer4now


      I think so Joe; but like everything location is key. 


      Hopefully he can live in a decent part of the city. 

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      he'll stay with a friend until he gets settled. he wants to take a sound tech course eventually. he's 26 and has much of his move figured out.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      You never regret chasing your dreams.

  12. i resemble that remark. we are deffinately not as smart as we think we are. no one is. however, we are who we are. we will all be accepted into heaven when we die.
  13. i would like him too, but getting rid of players may not be so easy. 2 spots open. one for podz and one for tram. i hope JB can pull it off but he'ld have to ship someone like yesterday.
  14. very few teams would give us picks alone for our ufa's edmonton and toronto who have been mentioned, are up against the cap too. they are looking for money in, money out. the teams with cap space are probably not interested in our ufa's.
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