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  1. i wonder if amounts given out by the arbitrators will reflect the no fans because of covid and the flat cap?

    1. -AJ-


      I would strongly hope the flat cap is taken into account. I would think it to be irresponsible not to.

  2. what makes a great gm? does he never make bad choices and wins every trade, only drafting the very best prospects who all make it to the nhl? does he only make the moves the fans wants him to make?
  3. rip roberta mccain. john’s mom.


    1. Quantum


      Wait... John McCain's mom was still alive?!?!? What?!?


      Just looked her up, she was 108 years old!

      Now that's quite the life.

  4. does petey need to be protected  for the expansion draft?

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    2. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood


      All reports at the time of the signing were that Ferland would not need to be protected.

    3. -AJ-


      @Where's Wellwood perhaps it's a NMC with a special agreement that he can be exposed, but the other terms of the NMC remain.

    4. Rick Blight

      Rick Blight

      AJ, it is only a NMC for the upcoming season and then becomes a M NTC so there should be no requirement to protect him unless we choose to do so.

  5. rip rhonda fleming with her flaming red hair. you were a beaut

  6. by a team that was much further advanced than the canucks at this point. i’ve played against a superior team that made us look like kinder garden kids. no coach could over come those facts.
  7. i agree deb, and while not all his moves worked. i understood what he was trying to do with each move. he was forced to over pay to get some guys because this wasn’t the most desired place to play. now it is viewed a good place to come too. jimmy has done that. it took awhile to get to this point but now the future is looking brighter.
  8. i don’t think the canucks have ever had a gm that someone didn’t want canned. even pat quinn had his detractors. with that in mind, it won’t matter who the gm is, some so called knowledgable fans will try push for a perfect gm. that means a gm that only makes the moves they want made. is there such thing as a perfect gm.?
  9. sounds like when i was young and had a crew cut, my buddies used call me bullet head, level headed is just a nicer way to say, bullet head.
  10. i resemble that remark. no one ever accused me of being smart and i doubt they ever will.