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  1. has abbot's nucks played any games yet?

    1. allegend


      HI Joe.

      Yes, the team lost 5-3 in Bakersfield yesterday.Klim  had a goal.

      Abby plays two games against Ontario, then comes home.


    2. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      They're playing game 2 right now. Currently 2-2 in the third

      Klimovich with his second goal of the season on the PP

  2. i guess it is because there is no louie to rag on. people have to be negative about someone. shame really.
  3. old enough to keep looking over my shoulders to see approaching angels and undertakers with hockey sticks.
  4. as an early teen, shagged fly balls for both andy bathgate and larry popein. before they were called up to the rangers. i remember the montreal riots when clarence cambell suspended rocket richard in the playoffs. remember listening to foster hewitt broadcasting hockey night in canada on the radio. i've also forgotten so much. self adopted babe pratt as my father. he got quite a kick out of that. rip, walter.
  5. . i was 23, 60 years ago. i remember gordie howe's rookie year and the 6 team league. as old as dirt.
  6. i thought i had ruthie thompson but i had her on my list for next year.only one had ruthie i think.
  7. good luck canucks.

    1. J.I.A.H.N


      You say it best Joe!


    2. TNucks1


      im pumped for regular season, lets goooo

      Ice Hockey Sport GIF by NHL

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i pick garland to get our first goal.

  8. i just learned after 50 years, how important richard carpenter was to their success. i always believed that because karin had such a sweet voice, that richard was just her piano player. it was his arrangements that helped bring out her beautiful voice. still love her so long after she died.

    1. sonoman


      Karen was also a pretty good drummer as well. It’s unfortunate that her eating disorder had weakened her to the point of no return.  I still get goosebumps at the sound of her voice. 

  9. juolevi for lind?

    1. JM_


      AZ for our 2nd round pick back. AZ has 5 2nd round picks, they could do a lot worse than Juolevi for 1/5 of those.


      But i hope OJ stays here, I don't believe he's been given enough time. He seems to have a good head for the game and just needs to put some games together imo.

    2. Coconuts


      Juolevi for Rathbone 

  10. i missed something. VC says there is 25 players left in camp. i count 28, not counting the injured.

  11. where does everyone stand so far?. ( i have 5 )
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