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  1. how does that help us ice 3 scoring lines? if he is just a larger sutter and they want him for future #4 center than fine. or if he can be a abrasive winger is okay too.
  2. you don't know that. at the time, teams were disappointed in not getting a chance to get him.i would rather keep schmidt and walk away from edler.
  3. lots of thought put into your plan. i would like to have seen rathbone and lockwood on your list. i like that you had cap hits on each player.
  4. if sutter is our 3c, then it becomes a checking line. miller would make it a scoring line.
  5. i'ld rather they keep schmidt and walk away from edler. our defense is week now. hughes, schmidt and myers. the only reason i'ld trade schmidt is if i could get replacements for both him and edler. schmidt is better that how he and the team played last year. he can also be a mentor for rathbone.
  6. is that cabo st lucas? way to hot for me. my son had me go to the cabo wabo club and get him a certain kind of tikilla. didn't stay there, i was on a cruise. lots of rick shaws. good luck.
  7. to put it bluntly, your really rockin today.
  8. how does that help our defense for next season? do you resign edler and move up woo or what is your idea?
  9. so who are your 7 d for this coming year? that is my focus right now. i agree on your thinking about OEL and cernak, i could just see benning looking back into the whole OEL thing. i want him to pick up a bieksa type d-man. in 2011 we had a great defense.
  10. in theory thats a great idea but realistically when he's tried that before he has paid too much for what he needs. if he wants to move up in the draft, he may find the spot he wants will cost too much. a team might want 2 1sts or players we don't want to lose. like a hoglander.
  11. not that i think it is a good deal, but i could see JB exploring OEL again. i don't see how we could even afford his contract. a cernak would be perfect or someone like him that we could afford.
  12. so would i, but i'm sure if they were going to move him, they could find better deals. have you got your cards yet?
  13. anyone we draft this year, won't be playing for a couple of years. i'm talking about this next season. hopefully the find a replacement for edler or sign him cheap and carry on. this way our defense pretty much remains the same. i was hoping that you could work out our cap for this coming season. with buyouts,expansion, trades and walk aways. i couldn't come up with enough cap to go after any big contracts. if you get a chance, can you try and figure that out? thanks.
  14. we lack good defensively strong d-men. who could move into myers spot while we need to walk away from edler? we have schmidt, myers and maybe hamonic if he is resigned. if they have replacements for both edler and myers, then maybe that would work. otherwise you stripping us of our defensive d-men.
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