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  1. omg just passing by but your sig! is sooo good!!!!! i love it!

  2. you where amazing this year. when i was at superskills me and my friend where betting on who was going to get the pie in the face. i was like " its gunna be raymond, its gunna be raymond" and sure enough it was it sucked having you out and hopefully you will be here next year. ill be sad if your not. Congratz on getting married. Mexico should be super nice!! i hope you have a GREAT summer working on the farm. Get better so you can be extra good next season. :D Thanks for thew great blogs . And a Great year.
  3. Awe man your blogs where better then burr's don't worrie about that lol. It was not to bad of a season considering all the injury's and not making the play-offs. it was hard to watch at points but us fans stuck with you guys. we'll still believe :D the last game was amazing, Trevor deserved the ovation he got. heck he deserves more. he's the fan favorite aka Mr.Canuck. you proved yourself to everyone that your amazing. Goodluck with our your baby on the way. Mackayla is a really pretty name. anyways thanks for writing all these blogs. they were interesting to read. hope you have a great summer with your family and new baby. your goals for next season sound promising now lets make em come ture.
  4. Hey Kes, man its got to be crazy with having to worrie about the playoffs coming and Andrea. i think you should fly the family here. this way everyone can be together. you'll have family here for the playoffs so you will be at your best, you wont have to worrie about how the baby and your wife i doing as much. but any decision is good. you and burrows are like another pair of twins. you guys are playing soooo good. gosh i cant wait for playoffs. its gunna get crazy but anyways your doing great keep it up. your playing tight, your my idol. (dicen' ice )
  5. Hey kesler, sounds like you had fun at the dice and ice last night. Mason and edler dancing ahaha that would be a good video to watch. Mckayla is a pretty name. Rylan is pretty unique. sounds good though. Thats cute your mother-in-law already got stuff set up in Michigan. I heard you on the radio yesterday morning, i was getting ready to go to school. You sounded so tired. where you late for practice??? I called in, but they wouldn't let me ask you a question Hope all is good with every thing. I'm glad to hear your wife is doing good with the baby.Oh and Happy Valentines day. Good luck in the game VS the wild. Score a goal for your #1 fan By the way your amazingly awesome!!!!!
  6. go to vegas!! win/loose some money i wasn't expecting another blog in the same month LOL i don't know if you read the comments people leave to your blogs, do you? oh well i hope you do. but great play in the past couple of games. break some more sticks, jk don't get to frustrated, that doesn't help with nothing. thats got to suck not seeing your family a lot. i don't think i could go to long with out seein mine. but anyways thats for signing my jersey that one day and goodluck in the game tomorrow VS the red wings. hope to see you tomorrow in the morning before or after the the skate. :D
  7. Oh my am i glad your back. when you got sent down i was horrified LOL cause your like my second favorite player and it suck that you where gone. but then me and my friends where totally disappointed. and we where like pshh no point in worrying he'll be back next week. and you where so we are all happy now but keep up the good work your doing great (im sure you hear that a lot but i have nothing new to say haha) :D
  8. congrats on the soon to be new baby girl. superskills was great today.i had my little keslers # 1 fan sign haha. to bad Raymond is the fastest now oh and crazy goal the other night. i hope the nose is doing better. it shouldn't be the biggest in the NHL now. good luck in the rest of the season your doing so great :D
  9. decorating the Christmas tree is my favorite thing during Christmas. well next to the gifts but i was a the ducks game to, haha i was the awesome one with the I ♥ KESLER sign. ha pretty awesome eh? and you got two great goals so, my sign was in use a lot. :D i think my friends said you wrote on a iece of paper for me cause i was at school when they met you. and thanks for that i haven't gotten it yet .....but good luck tomorrow in the Chicago game, im sure you'll do great since your best friend is going to be there. and if you don't blog soon (i hope you do) then MERRY CHISTMAS haha hope you have a great holiday. keep up the great work!!!!!
  10. good luck tonight kes!! keep the goals coming.

  11. I was at the game last night, god you where great. 2 goals and i cant believe the hit pronger gave you after you scored ... . i had my sign ahaha i heart kesler. but great job last night and good luck Thursday!!!And i totally agree with the too early for Christmas stuff .... my moms already got the Christmas lights up outside. And i feel kinda bad for you haha cause you where alone for thanks giving but relaxing is always good. Love your #1 fan Samantha (sam)