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  1. Could this be the Hockey Guy lol?

    1. Rubik


      no way, that would be way too obvious

  2. heyy!! haha yah it's been a while, i dont come on cdc anymore, but life's okay, and urself?

  3. haha yeahh i was sooo happy!! awesome series! i knew they would win!!

  4. ssssssssswwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppp XD

  5. wooohoooo crrraaazzzzzyyy gaaaammmeee, lol it was nuts!!! GO NUCKS!!!

  6. haha thx kael. anyways haha yeah i totally agree, y waste ur time and energy if u know u aint making the playoffs :P ...anyways im soooo excited im going to the game 2mrw!!! woohooo!!! go nucks =D

  7. woohoo go nucks!!! 1-0!! yaaayy, haha i had to get tix, couldn't stand not getting them since they were available so i ended up getting $227 ones, row 6 so not that bad, im sooo excited 1st ever playoff game for me!!

  8. haha not to great i bet, though they go through it every year so they should be used to it now ;)

  9. i did but they were $382 each so i decided to pass on them, that's a lil pricey for round one (i think), if i could find good seats in $200-300 range i may have gotten em, so i will try again for game 5 =]... how about u?

  10. lol i agree, wow 1 season without playoff hockey seems like an eternity haha

  11. boyfriend? excuse me? i said best friend NOT boyfriend.

  12. hahaha *waves towel manically* as well :P woohooo PLAYOFFS BABBYYYY!!! lol

  13. haha yeahhhh!!! wooo GO NUCKS GO!!!

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