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  1. happy b-day!!

  2. happy birthday

  3. heyy Mason!! you were totally awesome this year! it was a pleasure to watch you play and thank you soo much for these blogs! they mean a lot to us fans =] i hope you get better soon!! and i can't wait until next year and i'll be rooting for you to get a full time job up here =] you deserve it! hope you have an awesome summer! Also, CONGRATULATIONS to you and your lovely fiancee for your up coming wedding!! she must be one lucky girl to get some one as handsome as you anyways love you heaps!!! <3 -G_G =)
  4. Thanks a lot Kes for the awsome blogs you've been writing all year long! We really appreciate them =] You truly proved yourself this year and surprised many of us with your fantastic play! You have been amazing to watch! and we can't wait to see not only you but the rest of the team out and playing hard again! it truly will be a longgggg summer!! Congratz on a good season and we can't wait until next year! Keep up the good work! andd another congratz to you and your wife on the soon arrival of Mackayla =) Love, G_G P.S.- love how you and burr throw remarks at each other! it's absolutely wonderful to see/watch/hear!! lol keep it up! lots of love <3 xoxoxo
  5. heyy Kes!!! thanks soo much for writing this blog and keeping us up to date =) we really appreciate it!!! sounds like you're in some confusion about your baby but just remember that both options are good! but personally i would fly up family here =] also, if you have her here and see her in the morning i'm pretty sure it'll pump you up for the big payoff games and motivate you even more!!! but this is just how i see the actual decision has to be made by you and your wife anyways, you and burrows are doing absolutely AWESOME!!!! you guys are in my top 6 favourite players =) keep up the good work and good luck with everything!!! LOVE G_G <3 p.s. i love it how you and burr always kid around with each other!! it's nice to see you guys having soo much fun out there together!!
  6. thanks for the blog mason!! we always appreciate it =] i'm glad you had fun at Dice and Ice and on the road trip with your dad! you've been playing awesome, keep up the good work!!! love you<3 byee -GG
  7. Hey Kes!! Thanks for the blog!! we always appreciate it! I'm glad the dice and ice was fun and that's hilarious that mason, alex, nathan and luc had to dance!!! from ur point it seems like edler won but you could have probably beaten him right?! lol I just wanted to let you know that you're doing awesome and that we all love you!! Keep up the good work! and goodluck with the rest of the season and your new baby girl that is expected!! byee for now <3 G_G
  8. hahahaha thats hilarious!!!!! come on hockey gods give us some power too make a push towards the cup!!!!
  9. lmao hhahaha sorry but no i love him more!!! :D Mason Raymond G_G =]
  10. Hey thanks for the blog!!! We always appreciate it =) anyways you're a fantastic player and we love you<3 I'm glad you're liking it here in Vancouver! Anyways, I hope you have fun tonight and good luck with the big game against minny on thursday!! byeee<3 P.S.- love yaa
  11. hey great blog!!! you're a fantastic player and I'm glad you're back up here!! everyone was outraged when we heard that you had been sent back but we knew it wouldn't be long untill you were called back up!! keep up the good work and yes do get some rest. good luck! thats all for now byeee<3