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  1. I'm not as worried as some whining about the "lost" pick here. Remember - we got Stecher signed, still have a shot at Caggiula, and Boeser next year (probably). If we can get Edmonton to trade us a young center/winger for some of our veteran presence (Higgins and Prust, and maybe Bachman, now that we have Garteig?), we might have enough. We also have Subban making a case for an NHL job next year, along with Tryamkin, Tanev and Hutton. Sutter can't possibly have another season as bad as last one (for injuries), right? knock on wood. We may not have top end talent, but we have a solid core building up that only needs a piece or two to contend. With cap space comes great opportunity. That's what Uncle Ben would say if Peter were a hockey player.
  2. All Canadian Clubs be like: That said, I say we go for Matthews if we get first, unless we can trade down for two picks later in the round. I'm thinking something like Jost and Bean for picks if that is the case. Matthews is the guy, unless we get two for one. If we get second or third pick, I don't see trading down as an option, and we have a clearer choice - Laine or Puljujarvi.
  3. yeah...the guys who spent 80% of their time in the opposing zone, and gave Calgary the most consistent trouble (even if not scoring all the time) are the problem in this organization. That's idiocy. They're going to keep playing at their current 70pt pace for another 5-10 years, if they play that long, because their play is more cerebral than physical. You don't get rid of guys like that. Ever. You get them to sign their next contract for a little lower cap hit, and you find a stud winger or two to play with Horvat, and become the top line (or 1a 1b, depending on performance). If there was ever a duo of character players more willing to take a home-town discount to help the Canucks, I don't know who it would be. I say again. Only an idiot would get rid of the Sedins.
  4. Virtanen-Horvat-Vrbata might be the way to go, for second line. Or rather a 1a/1b scenario. I think if we build right, Sedins become second line. That should be our goal in terms of offence, grooming a replacement top line, and the Sedins provide veteran leadership. But we do need to do something more on defense was not up to par.
  5. Did we forget to tell you we're in the new movie? Jedis ain't got nothin' on Sedinery!
  6. 2011 team was better in terms of top end talent. If we had started Schneider in Boston, we'd have a cup. And no, that is not blaming Luo. That's all on Vigneault and possibly management. He was obviously rattled in Boston, and therefore NOT our best option in net. In Vancouver, that's a different story. But back to the poll - Sedins were better, but not by much. Kesler, Samuelsson, and Higgins? better, but not by much (Vrbata on the second nearly ties it up) 3rd line - depends - grit wise, 2015 is better. Scoring talent -2011. 4th line - hell, 2015 by a land slide goal - I'd like to say Lack and Miller, but Luongo and Schneider were Masterton (I think that's the name of the trophy for top goalie tandem?) winners that year. I think Lack and Miller are the best tandem in the playoffs this year, though, and that's saying something. The problem is you can't put both of them in at once, so that might be moot facing a Carey Price or a Pekka Rinne.
  7. Half the time Green Day was used, the rallying cry was "Anything but Green Day!" I'm still of that opinion. That would not help incite the crowd after a goal. It was part of the problem that told people it was okay to nap at the arena.
  8. If you're going to do something like this, you need to go with: VS Personally I prefer a beer...but not a Miller. Sleeman's Honey Brown for me...but until we get a goalie named Sleeman, that is entirely irrelevant. Go Lack! Go Miller! For me, it's whichever gets us closer to the cup!
  9. The day we find a true first line that can take over top duties from the aging Sedins, (who should NOT be moved, ever, but rather become a strong second and eventually 3rd line), and can field a bottom six comparative to what we have today, is the day we regain our President's trophy days, and perhaps beyond. I'm excited to see what some of our prospects can bring in the next year or two...with the right wingers, I think Bo Horvat has at least the potential to be the next Morrison. If Kassian can be the next Bertuzzi, we just need us a sniper like Naslund. Vrbata would work, but is aging as well. The point is, we need very little to be in the hunt again, and most of what we need is already in house, needing just a bit more development. The rest we should try to poach from the Oilers or Toronto ...they're not using what they have anyway...
  10. Just a few minor points - Kassian - 12 and 7 doesn't make 20. Tanev - 2 and 16 does not make 19 Regardless, I've been impressed with team resiliency, and ability to score by committee. Alot of positives this year for sure.
  11. I can't find an image of the guy, but there was an episode of Spike's tattoo nightmare show, featuring a skater dude with a rather badly done outline of a guy on a skateboard on his leg. That dude was almost a dead ringer for Cory Schneider. If someone can snag an image from the show, would be a good one.
  12. We've already seen Hodgson do well on the 2nd line with Kesler this season. Raymond has been playing lights out of late, but Hodgson could easily slot in on the second in coming seasons. From there, it's only a small step from first line minutes, even if those come only as a temporary switch due to a slumping Burrows, or an injury to a Sedin. It's not likely, with the current roster, but trades and free agency could make some decent changes, and the Sedins aren't the only players in the picture. Nor is Kesler guaranteed to be here in a few years.
  13. Congrats man! You beat me to it, I had no idea you made a thread earlier then me.

  14. If you haven't heard it or seen it mentioned, look for Electric Worry, by Clutch on youtube. wait for the chorus, and you'll see why I think it'd work.

  15. Yeah, it's a cool tribute to a great Vancouver achievement. But it doesn't have enough oomph for a goal song...goal song needs to be more "in your face" to get the proper crowd reaction.