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  1. Confederate flag?

    1. JeremyN


      that's what it is

    2. lateralus


      What does it mean to you?

  2. Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you. - Carl Jung

  3. The flu? THE FLU?????

  4. The flu? THE FLU?????

  5. Happy New Year. :)

    I'm Trapped In The Machine today and everytime that happens I say a little "thank you" to you. Right now they're taking David. ;)

  6. Your team is gonna be the next mini-dynasty if they can keep the pieces together and add a few more. Just pure offensive skill that can get it done. Similar to the Blackhawks, but I actually think more potent. :( Just let us win a cup first, please!

  7. HAHA - thanks.

  8. Well done

    For a minute there I thought I actually had sent you a PM lol

  9. Of course you do :P

    I think that comes with the business of throwing out an opinion that is unfavourable to a board. People get too emotional. They get attached to something and if someone says something bad, they don't want to crumble. They'll defend it.

    Your posts are pretty funny too.

  10. Thanks man. I know I get under peoples skin here but for the most part I just call it like it is. Cheers.

  11. To be honest dude, I agree with your opinions. It's blunt. It's realistic. It's not clouded by homerism. It's critical and that's good for a hockey fan. I've seen you throw out compliments for the Canucks before, so you're not a REAL troll. But I like your blunt honesty.

  12. Looks like you might have to add some conspirators to your sig list before the end of this series. hehe

  13. hey man,i totally agree with what you said in the horse meat thread. it is really quite disgusting what humans do to animals.

  14. You must be a very sad lonely man, trolling just to get an human reaction. I feel sorry for you.