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  1. The truth does not lie somewhere between his story and her story if either is lying. That is a cliche you saw in a movie. The truth is until there is a conviction, the man is innocent. That is how the law wors by design. An assumption of guilt is the old way; the Salem witch trials are an example of why assuming guilt based solely on accusation is not only dangerous but downright vile. If and when it is discovered there was some kind of criminal activity, you can be as sanctimoneous as you like. Until then, if you continue this line of reasoning, you are the problem; the reason the rule was made. How does that feel?
  2. And they never will. Las Vegas has such a variety of competing entertainment draws it seems ridiculous to attempt an NHL team there. Not only that, LV is one travel destination that prides itself on not being worries about being a family oriented town. The image-concious Bettman wouldn't touch that with a Willie Mitchel sized stick. I could be wrong. A pro team could work there some day. I am higly skeptical that the place to start is NHL. Vegas is more of a college basketball town. Maybe try the NBA first.
  3. I did. I walked up to ownership and said "This town ain't big enough for the both ov us. It's either me or Lou." Boy do I ever wish I could get that moment back. I'd have run myself out instead. And I don't even live in Vancouver.
  4. Dude. She's the oresident of the Kex Burrows fanclub. There's no poont. I concur that his shenanigans are stale and a detriment. It'd refreshing to hear WD isn't impressed with Burr's unnecessary malarkey either. Hopefully Burr can grow up a bit and stay away from this kind of mementum killing nonsense. He'd be sticking up for his teammates better by scoring some goals.
  5. Benning: "What are you doing in Edmonton?" Nonis: "They have really good turkey leftovers in Edomnton. " Benning: "Better than the ones in Toronto?" Nonis: "Well, duh. Obviously they are better if I'm going to fly to thousands of miles to a remote sh*thole rather than walk to my fridge. Jeez. 'Are they better'? How stupid would it be for me to fly to Edmonton for turkey leftovers if they weren't better? Sheesh." Benniing: "Uhhh. . ."
  6. Maybe he isn't the jerk everyone thinks he is. Maybe he was offering handies to everyone in the crowd as a way to add entertainment value to the game and the fact that the offer was rejected frustrated him. I'm just sayin'. He might be a really nice guy. REEEEALLLY nice.
  7. The Kings are a well oiled machine which just won the Stanley Cup for the second time in a handful of years. The Canucks are testing new ground after a semi-blow up off season.
  8. Getting rid of fights will not fix head injuries - it will reduce broken fingers/knuckles/hands/noses and cheekbones. What they need to do is come up with a way to tweak the two line pass. That, in concert with the headshot rules, will reduce the speed of collisions in the neutral zone and thus head injuries. The real issue with fighting is the resultant substance abuse caused by the chronic pain many if these players live with. So give them an outlet. Have a support system in place that helps them cope with the pain in a more effective way than simply writing a script for narcotics and calling it a day. My 2¢
  9. This^^. In the future.
  10. Would you like to place a gentleman' wager?
  11. No. Not even remotely close. If he was Asian and it said "yellow guy in the middle", that would be racist. You know blacks used to be referred to as "darky" years ago, don't you? To say "dark guy in the middle" is just shy of "n-word in the middle". I know it's real hard for a lot of people to care about anything but themselves, but people need to get their ass into the 21st century and actually give a shirt about hurting other people - physically and emotionally.
  12. Just reread. I am the one who hit my head.