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  1. ... I really wanna argue with you hear but it seems you have been watching Bieksa's play very closely.
  2. At the beginning of the game I was getting emotional and vocal but as it went on I sat back and just accepted the that there is no heart on this team. Willie and his 'loyalty' to his players and lines is what has ruined any attempt by this team to play like they could lose their job. For gods sake horvats line is the only one I notice with chances in the offensive zone and success skating through the neutral zone. Can someone help me understand why a player like Bo is not being rewarded for his heart and good play?
  3. Any updates?
  4. Okay, I'm done. GO CANUCKS GO!
  5. +24. where are the haters now?
  6. Sir, I should buy you a beer.
  7. I look back and give myself a pat on the back for my excellence.
  8. With Kevin Bieksa you take the good with the bad. Even if you do not approve as I said before GM's decision. Maybe we should have kept O'Brien instead of Bieksa and see this arguement have a new target.
  9. So many high expectations for this team when we have yet to accomplish anything notable other than divisional titles and getting through the first round.
  10. The PROBLEM here is the FANS! To be honest we haven't even won a Stanley Cup. It's only the fourth game tonight. We all know Bieksa takes who doesn't. Admit it or not he is the scapegoat of the team. When he is on the ice it's like he's wearing a bright yellow jersey, we watch every move he makes so closely we ignore everyone elses.
  11. This.
  12. Would these arguements be here if he was signed to a 2-2.5 million dollar deal? People are looking at his cap hit to determine how he should be performing. The fact is he is on the top pairing right now playing with the calming influence that is hamhuis. Wait until we are 10 games in too start whining. In the end none of us are the GM of this team. Being so critical of a player will have an effect especially when his name is in the media all the time.
  13. Why doesn't everyone just lay off Bieksa and let him play his game. He is consistently one of our better performers in the playoffs. Last year at one point his partner was freaking Alberts. He has some offensive ability and playing with Hamhuis will help him when he decides to pinch or join the rush as has been in the past few games. It's three games into the season and the Trade Bieksa rants are already popping up. Hockey Is a team game, the blame cannot be put on one players shoulders. I believe it was good giving him the A, atleast now he has confidence and feels the organization believes in him and wants him to succeed.
  14. Itsssss t-shhhirrrt tiiiiimmmmme!
  15. Halo Reach. Just reassured me I made the right choice when I bought my Xbox. / Isn't this thread usually more lively. 601 pages of replies...