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  1. LmAo Ninja is good, and I use it for my sniping class (ever wonder why someone sneaks up on you when ur sniping? its bc u show up on the HBS) When I am sniping I want t be invisible, incl heartbeat sensor. which I have on all my snipers (HBS) I have a fast class for places like Highrise, scrapyard so on. and I use comando lightweight and marathon bc if i am within 10-15 feet of you by the time you see me I will kill you 9 out of 10 times. i have: 1 fast class 4 sniper classes 2 assualt classes 1 elevator class one of my assault classes I have ARC or Scarh with scavenger, stopping power, sitrep the other class is if there are noob-tubers and I have the m16 with grenade launcher scavenger, danger close and commando with thumper as secondary My killstreak is only 35 but i get an average of about 30, 5, 5 my best game is 50, 6, 2 in mercenary team death match I have over 15 nukes under my belt btw anyone that uses care packages are too green to be good at the game. i use predator, harrier and then pavelow or chopper gunner or sometimes ac130 (pavelow is ussually my fav b/c i can still kill while it works on its own) xDUTYCALLSx
  2. hey are you really a flood tech? i am lead carpenter for winmar restorations here lol our flood tech is a good guy kinda lazy though :)