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  1. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    So a Canucks fan chooses to play on the Oilers.. Right. Okay.
  2. RIP Steve Jobs!

  3. 5am and still going strong!

  4. Happy Birthday. How's it going.

  5. happy 20 lad...may your day be good and your hangover is university going....? my scottish ancestors date back to robert the that english pop your drinking?

  6. Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meeeeee.. Happy Birthday to me. I'm 20. :D

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    2. Pierre's_Monster
    3. Sully2Cool


      Happy Birthday.

    4. Berto91


      Aaaaaw aren't you lovely ':D'. Can't say I care that you don't care, plus this buzzz is nowhere near dying ;). Unless you were being sarcastic in which case my bad haha

      Thanks everyone else :D

  7. Foo Fighters Saturday. So stoked for it :D

  8. Whisky.. I love thee!

  9. Anyone else know Kesler wore glasses? :S

  10. Henrik gives Cody a pep talk and Daniel drives him home. I love those guys!

  11. hi, we are all canucks....i was reading your information...could i ask you about what courses your taking and what you plan to be? grandson is in grade 11 and wants to go to university and take computer courses..he just doesn't know what area, he wants to go into...he is taking photography now.....if this is too personal, i'm sorry...just a kid from smithers

  12. Lucic is the man!

  13. Loves that we have 2 games in hand over Wings and Sharks and 3 games over Dallas! Keep it going :D


  15. Merry Boxing day from the UK lol :)