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  1. Exactly this. It's Mantha or bust for me. Smith, a 1st, Tatar all great options but we need to go all in for some high end prospects. Mantha is that guy. I think a first back with him would be the best option but having Smith in there and Samuelsson makes the CAP exchange more realistic. Mantha, a 1st and Smith would be the top end asking price.
  2. Edler to Detroit for Mantha, Smith, and Samuelsson. 4mil and change cap to Canucks, 5mil cap to Wings. Samuelsson is a UFA at seasons end. If anything, that's not enough for Edler. Bare minumum in value that should be obtained for Edler but this package could work.
  3. Quote me on it! There's a reason Buffalo dumped him. It's called drive and determination. This kid will not be a star. Will he get better? Sure. Is he going to be the next Bertuzzi? Absolutely not.
  4. This trade looked bad at the time and looks even worse today. Kassian is not going to blossom into this power forward everyone keeps saying "takes time". It's over, folks. We lost the trade.
  5. Keep your day job!
  6. It is the Maritime Acadians.

  7. Yea, what team is the A?

  8. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...........!