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  1. GHL

    Hey thanks for correcting the facts. I dropped the ball on that one.

  2. BURROWS - KESLER - RAYMOND Finally the Kesler line of past has come to fruition. Raymond is one of the fastest winger in the game. It is as if that line finally has a groomed winger. Raymond ain't no slouch in fact. He's right there, playing the same game as Kesler and Burrows. Best kept secret of the playoffs? They haven't played much together the entire year.
  3. It is the Maritime Acadians.

  4. Yea, what team is the A?

  5. They are the Maritime Acadians. Based on the legendary citadel in Halifax and the colors of the Acadian flag: blue, red, white and yellow.

  6. Hey - I know every logo in your sig except the very first one - that one with the "A" -- what team is that?

  7. He's a $2,000,000.00 defensive specialist. The goals are secondary. If Burrows starts scoring on top of who's already scoring, watch out.
  8. It's the Burrows thread. ... and tradition...
  9. Europe needs a whole conference if this is going to work.

    In Play Off you mix in teams from the three conferences. I guess all of the games between teams on the two continents has to be made at a big tour at the start of the Season. Say 4 European teams in East and West Conference and 7 teams from these two conferences on a start of season tour in Europe.

  10. Would'nt kill players if they traveled to europe lets say once a week and vice versa? the fatigue level would be ve quite high

  11. Nephyte is right, make a thread and you will have alot of ppl helpin out I'm sure

  12. There is no such publicity as bad publicity.
  13. Hey dude,

    Perhaps you should make a GHL thread somewhere so we can view your teams and ideas. Your signature is intriguing, but you need to follow it up.

  14. Is there a thread or something for the GHL?

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