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  1. Who do these guys think they are?

    Dissing the hawks and stuff, they won the cup fair and sqaure lolol

    I'm not trying to sound like a hawks lover, but its the truth

  2. Great drafting Blackhawks....OK draft all Canadians with your lottery picks,hmmmm that's a hard choice picking #1 and # 2 picks overall for ten years.

  3. Blackouts that a hell of a way to sell your sport lol poorly run team needs owner to die to get fans back. Extra extra read all about it!

  4. It's a well know fact that the Hawks were miss managed,not even debatable. WWW your Favorites team former owner,had to die to get the black cloth from off your team in the city of Chicago,also not even debatable. You get a clue!

  5. Yes new fans. I remember hearing pin drops at the Blackhawks rinks durning the 90's and most of the 00'

    So yes new fans. Hockey history the Blackhawks and there management helped take us to the lockout. You were poorly run and lost huge amounts of money. With hardly any fans in the seats

    If you want to call "love taps" slashing fair enough. Enjoy the next ...

  6. You have nothing to say. Why don't you go back to your moms living room