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  1. Dude I agree with you hockeyville88 is a bitch and she locks everything sooo fast +1 i like you

  2. hi how are you tell me about yourself love to talk with you send me a message leave a message on my page if you have questions about CDC just ask. k? good

  3. why do you hate me!!!!???? xo

  4. alright, just let me know who you want in it. (i forgot :$ )ill finish monday or tuesday (really busy :

  5. yes i want the siggy

  6. Good job using other peoples signatures.

  7. do you still want your siggy? 'Cus the conversation got deleted or something.

  8. hey vancan check out my new topic Canucks Goal Song 2011 ok leave a comment on what you think

    Peace, Pavel Bure #10

  9. give me a goal song then

  10. Thanks for viewing my profile! x2

  11. Thanks for viewing my profile!

  12. Thanks for viewing my profile!