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  1. Here's a photo of me at Game #3 which was my first hockey game on the 'outside'. I'm going to Game #4 too, so come on boys!!! Give me a reason to stay awake on Friday!!!
  2. 41 Hours and 26 minutes after my wife's water broke at Best Buy we were finally the proud parents of a gorgeous healthy baby girl,all 9lbs 7.2 oz of her!
  3. Well if it's a boy then we're all in for a surprise...on the way to the hospital I told my husband that Alex would make a cute, sweet middle name. I think he'll go for it.
  4. My husband Googled it and found the reference so I figured I had provide an update. I was supposed to wear my Future Canucks Fan T-Shirt to the game with a friend (who is also pregnant) on Tuesday...oh well guess that will be our baby's first Canucks game.
  5. congratz! and wish you all the best !

    welcome to cdc and welcome new baby !

  6. Thanks to everyone for helping out when my water broke! Have posted this to keep people updated. I couldn't imagine if after all that I didn't get my bump signed! I love Burrows!
  7. Yes it is true, my water broke at the same time Alex Burrows drove into the Best Buy South Surrey parking lot today. Thank you to all the great staff at Best Buy, especially Tim the General Manager for helping us. After spending 4.5 hours waiting for Burrows' arrival, I guess my baby had different plans for me as I spent the next hour in the ladies washroom. Funny enough, when I was finally ready and they escorted me to meet Alex before we left for the hospital, we were almost in the exact same spot we would have been had we stayed in the line up. A huge thank you to the sweet lady from behind us in line, that helped me as my husband ran to get me new clothes from the Walmart! If you happen to read this or know the lady I am referring to please let me know. We are currently back home and labour is progressing. Talk about a memorable first!