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  1. Tyler83

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Any word on if he is going to sign with the Canucks soon?
  2. Tyler83

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Does anyone know if he is going to sign with The Canucks once his season is over?
  3. Just found an article on Elite Prospects that says the Canucks want Andersson to come over and play in North America next year. Here is the article in Swedish, basically says he is done with his Swedish team and will play in the Canucks system for the 2012/13 season. http://www.orebrohockey.se/Nyheter/2012/maj/Peter-Andersson-B-lamnar-OHK/
  4. Tyler83

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Thanks for the info. I see it is also his Birthday tomorrow.
  5. Tyler83

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Hey does anyone know what the European Trophy is, I notice his team is playing in it right now? Plus when does the SEL start there regular season?
  6. Tyler83

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Does anyone know if he is going to play for the Wolves this year or stay in Sweden?
  7. No I think how it works is Vancouver loans him to this Swedish team and they pay his Salary and it takes a year off of his contract. Thats what happend last year with Rodin anyways.
  8. Yeah I was woundering that too, on eliteprospects.com they are saying he is going to play in Sweden again next year on loan from Vancouver. Maybe that will change after the prospect camp this week and they can talk him in to staying.