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  1. is that virginia woolf

  2. King Bolo's swarthy bodyguards

    Were called the Jersey Lilies

    A wild and hardy set of blacks

    Undaunted by syphilis.

    They wore the national uniform

    Of a garland of verbenas

    And a pair of great big hairy balls

    And a big black knotty peeenis!

  3. if not, get off my friends list, bro

  4. does that mean you're abaddon

  5. One day Columbo and his men

    They took and went ashore

    Columbo sniffed around the air

    And muttered "I smell whoore"

    And ere they'd taken twenty steps

    Among the Cuban jungles

    They found King Bolo & his queen

    A-sitting on their bungholes.