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  1. I missed my fantasy picks >_<

  2. Canucks improving, slightly

    The injured players are mostly back, but there were games where the players look one step behind and without initiative that makes you feel pessimistic and switch to other forms of entertainment. At least Gillis was able to voice a similar opinion and maybe it had an effect. Their record now is 19-14-0, riding on a current 3-game win streak. Or maybe because they're currently playing at home. The Wonder Twins magic is intact. What's more, Burrows is thriving again with them. Henrik 2nd in points in the league? Hwow. 5 years with these guys in the top line? I'm cool with that. They're models of hard work and consistency. Raymond's maturity has been a surprise this year. I still picture him last year always trying to thread his way between the defenseman and the glass, like a racehorse with blinders, and inevitably getting plastered again and again. But he seems to be able to get close now to score, and more often than I would've imagined. I've always wondered why they've kept him instead of Ryan Shannon. But it seems like he has proven me wrong. Western Standings: Team GP Pts 1. * LA 36 47 2. * Col 36 44 3. * Chi 31 43 4. SJ 34 45 5. Nas 34 43 6. Cal 33 42 7. Pho 33 40 8. Det 33 39 9. Dal 32 38 10. Van 33 38 11. Min 33 35 12. Edm 33 34 13. Col 34 34 14. STL 31 33 15. Ana 32 31
  3. Cool, I'm on the front page. Thanks, Admin. ^^ And Wellwood finally scored! Empty-netter. What a funny reaction from the crowd - booing an earlier goal change from Wellwood to Glass.
  4. 23 games in, only 12 wins

    Canucks record: 12-11-0, not impressive. There was a time after my last post when I thought the team might be "destined" when they had 3 straight wins even with all the injuries, but then 3 straight losses brought me back to reality. The roller coaster ride continues with 2 wins and then another (1-0 Chicago) loss. Good news is we have players back - Luongo, Johnson, Hansen and Daniel Sedin - the past few days and we'll see how good the Canucks really are with a better lineup. I was really surprised to see Henrik producing even without his injured twin. He's a legitimate top line player, not just because of their dynamic twin power. I'm glad he got the "A" before the season. Burrows though might have suffered without Daniel. But with his work ethic I know he'll bounce back. Also, Wellwood is not doing as well as in Preseason. Not sure what's wrong with him. Maybe he should be placed on PK detail again to get him back to basics. It worked for him, Raymond, Kesler and Burrows last year. AV will find a way.
  5. New Forum!

    Nice new forum - clean and sleek. Top Injured Canucks missed: 1. Grabner - The surprise of the Canuck rookie crop. Whenever he and his linemates - Kesler and Raymond are on the ice, I feel excited watching them zip around chasing pucks and getting scoring chances. I think Burrows would be the ideal replacement but then who will go chase pucks for Henrik's line? 2. Daniel Sedin - Never ceases to amaze me every time he and his twin uncannily pass the puck to each other to get a good scoring chance. Coach John Tortorella has this to say about his NYR tandem - Gaborik and Prospal: "I don't think you're ever going to get three guys that fit absolutely perfectly. But when you get two, you're pretty fortunate." This sums up what the twins means to me. 3. Demitra - An extra scoring threat always helps. I think he and Samuelsson would be a good duo. Both are patient with the puck and can score. 4. Luongo - Needs rest to recuperate. Raycroft is still decent. 5. Ryan Johnson - For faceoff and blocking shots. Not worried though as we have other players to fill his role. 6. Jannik Hansen - Would like to see him in the 3rd line and start developing some scoring ability. 7. Buldoc - Extra grinder. -puckman