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  1. Pick 15 is on the block for a cheap ELC nhl ready prospect or to move up into top 12.
  2. Rush17

    NHL 20 Thread

    Michael Rasmussen (81) - Jack Eichel (90) - Elias Lindholm (86) Brady Tkachuk (84) - Cody Glass (82) - Joe Pavelski (86) Victor Rask (78) - Drake Batherson (81) - Calle Jarnkrok (80) Zack Kassian (81) - Cedric Paquette (78) - Austin Czarnik (78) Brady Skjei (86) - Shea Theodore (83) Brayden McNabb (82) - Mike Green (85) Sebastian Aho (78) - Julius Honka (81) Henrik Lundqvist (86) Anton Khudobin (82) on the fringe: Alex Fomentation (78), Toby Reider (78), Sheldon Dries (76). TRADES THE DETAILS
  3. I know there was some discussion on this last time around. We will get that all sorted in the future - so let's keep this civil . But for tonight victory let us add the Nashville Predators to the GML Championship Wall of fame! Congrats to both @Sergei Bobrovsky and @Azzy for going up on this wall of fame. Great seasons and playoffs from both of you! It is great to see some of the young talent out West starting to make a rise. Congrats to you and everyone involved in these play-in/playoffs! Sorry to those of you on the outside looking in. I'm sure it's been a boring few months around here. We look forward to a fun and exciting 2020-21 Season whenever that may start! Lets all prepare for what's a head.. ie the GML Entry Draft and Free Agency! GML Championship History (2009-2020) GM GML CHAMPIONS GML FINALISTS GM 2019-20 @Sergei Bobrovsky W NSH vs L DET @Azzy 2019-20 2018-19 @Master Mind @Azzy W VAN vs L FLA @Otis 2018-19 2017-18 @Mike Vanderhoek W NJD vs L ARZ @Squeak 2017-18 2016-17 @Mike Vanderhoek W NJD vs L CBJ @Ty Webb 2016-17 2015-16 @Ty Webb W CBJ vs L OTT @winterhawks 2015-16 2014-15 @Otis W FLA vs L MIN @Caboose 2014-15 2013-14 @Otis W FLA vs L MIN @Caboose 2013-14 2012-13 @theminister W NYI vs L LAK @Ace of Spades 2012-13 2011-12 @Ace of Spades W LAK vs L WSH @da.moose 2011-12 2010-11 @lethunder W BUF vs L WPG @canuck2xtreme 2010-11 2009-10 @lethunder W BUF vs L LAK @Ace of Spades 2009-10 Thanks @canuck2xtreme & @Mike Vanderhoek for making this possible. Along with all the other execs behind the scenes. Look forward to watching @greensman assemble his 2021 Seattle Kraken. You better start prepping your lists! He is coming for you.
  4. Team point totals for play-in/playoffs! Congrats to @Azzy on a very strong playoff run! GML CUP FINALS GML CHAMPION GML FINALIST NASHVILLE (4) DETROIT (1) 774 (122 Finals) 826 (66 Finals) Round of 4 (Lost Conference-Finals) NEW JERSEY (3) WINNIPEG (2) 706 883 Play-In + Round 1-3 Totals Play-In + Round 1-3 Totals Round of 8 (Lost Semi-Finals) BOSTON (5) BUFFALO (7) VANCOUVER (1) ARIZONA (3) 366 478 641 581 Play-In + Rounds 1-2 Totals Play-In + Rounds 1-2 Totals Round of 16 (Lost Quarter-Finals) WASHINGTON (2) FLORIDA (4) DALLAS (5) LOS ANGELES (6) 412 268 296 281 COLUMBUS (6) MONTREAL (8) SAN JOSE (7) ANAHEIM (8) 530 228 280 269 Play-In + Round 1 Totals Play-In + Round 1 Totals ROUND OF 24 (Lost Play-In Qualifiers) OTTAWA (9) CAROLINA (10) CALGARY (6) COLORADO (7) 107 172 124 166 PITTSBURGH (11) PHILADELPHIA (12) ST LOUIS (8) EDMONTON (12) 141 168 127 74 Play-In Totals Play-In Totals Point totals are collected at the end of each round and include play-in and all playoff rounds.(updated Sept 28th)
  5. If there were a GML Conn Smythe Trophy it would be award to Nikita Kucherov with his 190 PTs this postseason!
  6. Congratulations to the Nashville Predators & @Sergei Bobrovsky on the GML Cup Victory! GML Cup Finals DETROIT (1 E) NASHVILLE (4 W) 66 Points VS 122 Points WIN LEADS SERIES BY 9 PTS Coleman, Blake (C) 94 F 190 Kucherov, Nikita (RW ) Janmark, Mattias (C) 78 F 168 Point, Brayden (C) Coburn, Braydon (D) 2 D 65 Perry, Corey (RW) No Player Available D 110 Sergachev, Mikhail (D) No Player Available G 0 McKenzie, Curtis (LW) GM: Azzy GM: Sergei Bobrovsky 14% % 86% GML Predictions
  7. Tyler Ennis' rights are on the block for a conditional 2021 4th based on if you sign him. No fee if he doesn't sign with you.
  8. Game 6 Tonight @ 5:00pm PST GML Cup Finals DETROIT (1 E) NASHVILLE (4 W) 61 Points VS 107 Points LEADS SERIES BY 9 PTS Coleman, Blake (C) 89 F 185 Kucherov, Nikita (RW ) Janmark, Mattias (C) 78 F 162 Point, Brayden (C) Coburn, Braydon (D) 2 D 63 Perry, Corey (RW) No Player Available D 108 Sergachev, Mikhail (D) No Player Available G 0 McKenzie, Curtis (LW) GM: Azzy GM: Sergei Bobrovsky 14% % 86% GML Predictions May the best team win.
  9. Tanev is signed for 4 more years at an AAV lower then he will likely sign for in the NHL this offseason. I think you did ok lol. Chris Tanev isn't no Mike Komisarek
  10. Sad to see you go Greens. I hope you and your family stay safe! Hope to see you back around here in the near future! The Bruins are going to be hurting without @greensman at the helm. Have an enjoyable time off!
  11. Craig Smith is the exact type of player that's gonna feel the squeeze due to the flat cap. The Leafs should use the flat cap as an excuse to move one of their highly paid forwards.
  12. Fleury or Holtby would both be interesting. Can’t see Holtby wanting to be exposed tho if he’s going to free agency. Fleury is probably more likely but I don’t see Vegas retaining salary or us being able to accommodate that cap hit beyond 2020-21. perhaps a Greiss or dobin makes more sense
  13. Virtanen to Boston fits the next gen can Neely fleecing storyline. Easy low hanging fruit imo.