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  1. I watched it for the first time with my wife last week. We were laughing our butts off. I thoroughly enjoyed how terrible it was
  2. Congrats to Mikey DiPietro on his appointment to Team Canada at the World Hockey Championships Mikey will join Darcy Kuemper and Adin Hill. go get em kid!
  3. The Columbus Blue Jackets have confirmed they decided to move on from head coach John Tortellini. The team will conduct a thorough search for a new bench boss in the coming weeks. The Blue Jackets are on the outside looking in for the final playoff spot in the central. It is expected Brad Smith will take over as interim head coach. CBJ continues its crawl to the finish line with hopes the Hawks will stumble and break an ankle . Not literally of course I like sludge.
  4. A good young team in arguably one the most prestigious markets. I can't see a coach who wouldn't be salavating at that opportunity.
  5. My wife always calls Travis Green the hulk. Lol. Figured it would be a fun addition lol
  6. Does anyone know the extent of his injury?
  7. GML CBJ PLAYOFF ROSTER Dubois Kotkaniemi Kaprizov Khaira Clifford Blidh Girard Mayhew (if he clears) Go Jets Go!
  8. Lind has already debuted. Rathbone had already debuted. Gadjovich is about to debut. DiPietro will be knocking on the door soon. Good draft year for us. Not to even mention Petey. That's 5 guys with high likelihood of NHL careers from a single draft class.
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