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  1. Yikes. I don't log in and there is a goalie I could have used as a solid backup. X_X
  2. To be honest. I only watched the first period. I couldn't suffer another comeback defeat. Might watch more next game. Will see.
  3. Getting a backup goalie might actually help you with Fox. So whether or not you agree it has value to you next season I don't see the harm if adding nhl players gets your youngsters you have now signed. I completely get the frustration but we all need to accept that there was an issue in the league and the exec team has made a bold change to rectify it. Regardless of whether the lotto odds were changed according to CBA as c2x pointed out you were not fielding an NHL team. I know it sucks. but hey lets do what we can to resolve the issues we currently can. Maybe those lotto odds numbers will become weighted if its viewed as completely unfair. Regardless tho I don't see it changing so all we can do is make the best of or situations and learn to adapt. Get a goalie either via waivers or trade so you can try and improve your relationship with your star young blueliner. It may require more than just a goalie but make that first step!
  4. Think of ways you can incorporate a guy like Greiss for this season. Move him next season perhaps?
  5. So for those of you interested. Thomas Greiss (G) Craig Anderson (G) Christian Wolanin (D) To my knowledge have all been waived today. If you need a G or defender and have the cap space.. you cannot say you can't acquire one. If you want to place a claim on either, both, or all send a PM to @canuck2xtreme. Happy waiver surfing folks!
  6. I say let's give it a chance. If it needs tweaks down the road we can possibly explore weighting picks based on finish. This is a nice move though imo - Sure it sucks now but in time this may help the league. I agree some teams may opt out of the playoffs but honestly that's their loss. Why would you purposely lose the playoffs for a 50% chance of picking in the top 8? why not go for the playoffs and ty to make it work. If you lose you still get those odds. The goal should be to build up a team of playoff bound assets. If you have a team worthy of playoffs with a few shroud moves involving picks you can quickly transform your club from a playoff team with non playoff guys to a playoff juggernaut. We have all see how 1-2 players can vastly outproduce big name players in the playoffs. Have to use ur savvyness to try and find those pieces! I would take a chance in the playoffs over a 50% chance at a top 8 pick. Maybe that's just me.
  7. Once you get a taste of playoff GML Hockey. You will want to win. Its addictive. Lol. Regular season is just a build up to the excitement of playoff hockey baby!
  8. My advice would be when sending out an NHL body on a playoff team. Ask for an nhl player back on a lesser team. It's a pretty reasonable request and most gm's can accommodate by sending you something even if its a depth player like wolanin who gets in and out of the lineup.
  9. I'll throw the GM's who need to fill out their roster a bone. If you need an active D man take this. CBJ waives D Christian Wolanin. He is 25 years old on the sens and has played 9 NHL games this season. That should count as an NHL Dman as he gets rotated in.
  10. Tell me what you think I saved the exact point of the video. Guy in the costume lol. He looks SO much like Brock does he not? This vids from 2012. not sure it could be him but LOOKS SO SIMILAR! Don't ask why I'm listening to Taylor Swift
  11. I wouldn't take to much of the credit away. Despite all the supposed success for Judd Brackett it was Jim who overhauled the scouting department and all of its terminology and systems. He also gives instructions on qualities to look for and who fits the Canuck mold. So as much as one may wish to share the accolades of success we also can't discount Jim's influence on the scouting department and it's staff. On that note. Our scouts work their butts off and deserve a lot of credit because they have excelled in Jim's revamped scouting system.
  12. Lind is dominating the AHL and is now playing center. Gadjovich looked like a bust heading into this season but from all accounts has taken a major stride forward this season. The verdict is still out on DiPietro but I think he's going to at least be a 2/3 goalie at the very least. The kid can't help but win he's so impressive both as a goalie and a person. Hard to not believe he can become something of an NHL regular. I'm expecting DiPietro to eventually pass demko but will have to see. Demkos education is helping him navigate this tough terrain. You can point to a number of players and say why not him. It's near impossible to predict what the ceiling of all these players will be. Character and quality of person is a big factor for Jim. If they work hard and have the right mentality it only ups the odds. Need the right locker room mix personality wise too when we peak. That character factor will play a big part in that.