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  1. I was at this game. Great game. After Danny scored in OT, we were celebrating, and then I looked up at the screen on the scoreboard. Right at that moment, on the screen I saw Danny skate by the Florida bench, by himself, and I watched a Florida goalie, who I guess was Montoya, lean forward with his stick and glove and it looked like he pushed Danny in the chest. It could have been that he squirted him, but the stick and glove were there and looked quite aggressive. The camera showed Danny skating by the bench and then turning around with arms out in a wtf gesture and he was saying something. Then I looked back to the ice and saw the melee break out. I was confused about what was happening, although I had a pretty good view. I'm just saying this because I'm surprised I haven't seen a video of it online. They must have one because I watched I watched it on the screen. That appeared to the incident that started everything. It was a shame the game ended like this, with this abuse of the Sedins. Also, I was sitting behind Luongo for 2 periods, and LUUUUed him at the start of the game, and that was fun. But I didn't enjoyed so many people cheering Lu on his saves, especially on our young players. There were a lot of great scoring chances and the guys were trying hard. I felt bad for them the crowd were cheering Luu's saves. It was loud. The young guys looked very good. It was a great game to watch.
  2. Haha! I was expecting to see a meme that said "maybe he needs a big bag of Doritos" ala Garrett Too bad the Sportsnet video in the link won't play out of market. This thread is good entertainment!
  3. There have been pretty strong earthquakes/aftershocks for about 21/2 hours. I felt the 1st one as very strong. My lights were flickering as I ran out the door. Apparently, it was 2 where I am, but in normal days, I would have said it was really strong. People are calm and it becomes too much to run outside every 10-20 minutes, so I really hope this is not going to be dangerous. I haven't heard any reports of damage, so I hope people are okay up there. I think people are just hoping it will be okay because it's exhausting. There is also a feeling many people have described as seasickness. And you kind of jump at every creak and sound. The epicentre for most of these quakes tonight has been around Fukushima, with one way off in Nagano. This is a useful source for info re quakes and radiation, and you might find it interesting to browse. click on If you experienced an Earthquake under resources for earthquake info. It's been 2s 3s for me, still going on. Still haven't heard any detailed info from Fukushima, so hope it's ok. Very stressful, especially for people up there
  4. I believe you! It's been so terrible! People, whoever I've been been with, tell me that I have been talking in my sleep, and once yelling about the earthquake. I have never been told before that I talk in my sleep before. Lots of people tell me they have nightmares every night. But I hope that your dream is not right in people being buried or killed. But, again, I don't know what is going on. Was my friend right when she said another nuclear power plant has lost power?. I've been back for 3 days, and haven't sussed things out yet, Conditions re water and food seem very difficult but not intolerable
  5. I think that's the explosion my friend said he saw. Is there video? By the way, how is your family? Are they still in Gunma?
  6. My friend translated from a news briefing in Japanese that another power plant had lost power. Another friend said that he saw an explosion in the news video of the earthquake, but others (i) didn't see it, but we saw footage of a town (my friend .said Sendai) with half of the town in darkness. When I am with Japanese friends and we are watching a news briefing together, I have to go by what they say. It is stressful for everybody. I thought it was safe enough to come back and come back to work. When I left in March, I only had a couple of small bags I had taken with me when I went to stay with friends, so ....
  7. Yeah, big quake in Japan. I heard its 6, which is not as bad as the 9 March 11. It felt scary, and the news I heard is that another nuclear power plant has lost power! and has lost cooling(power). I am sure I read over the past few weeks that the other nuclear power plants were built from more modern technology and would be safe in another earthquake! WTF!! I don't think that TEPCO and the Japanese gov have been honest about this whole thing! And I am constantly reminded of the images from a little-seen Akira Kurasawa film (I think produced by Spielburg) that warned Japan about having nuclear power plants on this island nation that is prone to earthquakes, and expecting a big earthquake.
  8. This was the scene where I worked, but I was about a 20 minute bike ride away when the earthquake happened. This is reclaimed land.
  9. The people are yelling "run, run, hurry!". It looks like a group of people stopped to help someone. i think we saw a longer version on Japanese TV and at the end you can see a couple 0n the left get swept away.
  10. It's a nightmare!!
  11. Thanks everyone! I feel so lucky to have gotten out! I hope the situation is not as dangerous as it seems.
  12. I was able to get a flight out of Japan Tuesday evening, and I am now safe. I am very concerned for my friends and all people in Japan. I think that japanese TV is doing a very good job of keeping people informed. My problem was that my Japanese is not good enough to understand the much (they have news in English, but not in my specific situation). The situation is very tense, but people appeared to be calm. The situation is confusing for everyone, especially regarding transportation,power cuts, and supplies. After I was able to get a flight, I didn't know if I could get to the airport.
  13. What would you do if you were in my position? I am very thankful that people on this forum have provided very helpful information, and links that I might spend hours trying to find. I have been watching Japanese TV for 2 days. I just stumbled upon this thread, and it has been very helpful
  14. We received a message from a friend in europe telling us to flee to the south, and very little other info. We received the message 3 hours after it was sent. It was just another shock to our frazzled nerves, and too late to go anywhere. Reading this post provided needed context, and helped us to gain a bit of perspective. Thank you!