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  1. to comment on your locked post up from earlier. We're all hockey deprived :( this is a city that watches hockey religiously, everyones just a little restless. just sayin' a post isn't going to stop all the stupid posts, people are just trying to find something to do =/

  2. Stay Classy my friends

    the better team won, end of story. At the end of the day tim thomas kept his five hole and his mouth shut. As much as i hate his stupid smile, it was a good year. series changer = dan hamphuis injury, we had no shutdown D and luongo five hole was so big i bet a beach ball could've went in there. Stay Classy Canuck Fans. The boys had a good year. Disappointing ending to a fairytale story.
  3. Playoffs Anxiety and Anticipation

    Is it just me, or is everyone else just as scared to watch the Canucks go into the playoffs? It has been nothing but record breaking all year for the Vancouver Canucks. A team and City that is hungry to advance to the cup final once again but differently. This time we don't want to see a riot but glory. Glory of the great cup to show itself down the streets of Downtown. However, is it to good to be true? Can this great team finally win? Thats what worries me. Is Luongo really ready, was rest what he really needed? The Canucks have 5 games left in the regular season. 5 games until we see if this season was successful or not. 5 games. but for now all i can say is BELIEVE IN BLUE and destroy the oilers in back to back games
  4. Finally! GAME DAY, been bored out of my wits for 5 days

    1. CanucksFanatic27


      another earthquake in Laos/Thailand

      7.0 only one casualty so far

  5. As we all know, head shots has been the topic of the NHL for the past two years, but is the league expecting changes too soon? After all, hockey has always been known to be a physical sport and players know what they are signing up for. Canuck fans are all familiar with the play of Matt Cooke who just got suspended for the fourth time in his career, but he wasn't always a "dirty" player. Some regarded him as "gritty" when he was here playing for us. Since the 09 season, Cooke has been handed 3 suspensions all to similiar plays, however those exact hits would've been clean hits just 3-4 years ago. Cooke has always played like that for 12 seasons and he's deep into his career already, change isn't going to come soon. His most recent suspension on elbowing Ryan McDonagh wouldn't have given him a suspension 3 years ago, but a minor penalty for elbowing. But if head shots are such a horrific subject, and concussions are so common these days, why isn't it mandatory to wear those new helmets that help prevent serious concussions like the one willie mitchell is wearing? or visors? or even cages for that matter? So what is it thats starting to change this game? Is it because we are ill prepared, old fashioned? too fast? or just the fact that players are lacking respect for their own opponents? Nevertheless, the rules are changing to fast but like bettman says "we are not trying to change the game we are trying to make it safer" not saying i like the guy, i think he's bs just like everyone else does.
  6. Mason Raymond

    Mason Raymond, the 25 year old speedy winger as we know him coming off a career year . But theres a reason why they it call a career year after all he is no where near reaching the stats he once performed. This year he is flanked by Ryan Kesler who he himself is coming off HIS own career year scoring 36 goals and 28 assists for a total of 64 points, and Mikael Sammuelson who is also not performing to last years standards. That however is not the question on hand. It is no doubt canuck fans such as myself are unhappy with #21 and his progress this year, Raymond only has 2 goals in his last 20-25 games and a disappointing 12 goals and 21 assists yet nearly every night excluding last game, he starts on the 2nd line. Not scoring goals but falling to his feet, getting pounded, all speed no skill. He had a taste of fourth line duties last game because of the injury to Manny Malholtra but didn't do much better. So the question is, why is he playing at all? Every other player would be sitting in the press box, looking, learning. Isn't that what Raymond needs? A wake up call? I sure do, even if he is coming off a shoulder injury if he doesn't feel good why play at all? Nevertheless, the winger needs to step it up to the likes of Coach AV who claims that he will give no one a rest. Unless Raymond doesn't bring it come playoff time, il look forward to seeing him traded to another team.