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  1. A winnable game even with the injuries AND a penalty and they still lose. God damn.
  2. Christ, what a bunch of expansion scrubs.
  3. More terrible defending from the Whitecaps
  4. Great Nutrilite game going on right now. Sportsnet One and being streamed on sportsnet's website.
  5. Awrighhhht, win a few in a row and hope some other teams start losing games in hand, I want to contend for a playoff spot by season's end. :D
  6. Not to mention he was the hometown hero and the franchise rolled over to accomodate him at nearly every turn (besides players to play with), and he needed a 1 hour tv special to tell that team that he wasn't going to re-sign with them.
  7. Spoke too soon, Dirk has no problem putting it away. :D Glad to see that after all of the Heat's BS that they didn't have the stuff to get it done.
  8. Dirk can't hit a shot to save his life but the Heat are still down? Man, those missed free-throws are gonna hurt if they lose.
  9. Great goal. Another draw, though. Could live without draws in general.
  10. One of the Portland games is on TSN2 as well. This is the crappy part about being on a national network like TSN.
  11. Nothing else matters when the Canucks are in the final.
  12. Dirk Rainbow Jumper for Three... beauty.
  13. What a talent gap in the RSL game.
  14. This is one thing soccer has wrong, you should be able to at least have a hearing or contest red cards. If league officials agree to the call, fine, but giving a ref the ability to suspend players is just stupid.
  15. They drew Chivas, but I see Hassli has another red. What happened with that?