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  1. Nah, they've got bigger problems. They're not gonna fair too well in the Champions League either. I don't think the Whitecaps would do too well either. The less games we play, the better given this team's injury history. Also having the ref be from Toronto is absolute bush league. I recall whoever the ref that blew the Montreal game a couple years back was also from Montreal. The CSA have found a way to absolutely screw up this tournament every year (don't even get me started about last year's "rematch" LOL).
  2. Worst game of the season. It's tough to believe that this is the same team that played Seattle on the weekend. It looked like a bunch of 8 year olds playing kick and run. Everytime we got posession, it was booted for a hail mary breakaway pass attempt. I don't know how Rennie allowed that to happen throughout the whole game. There's also no way Le Toux should have been sent off, that was a ridiculous call. Hassli didn't get any help from the ref either, he shuold've won about about 5x as many fouls as he did. At least 2 other players from TFC did more than enough to earn a 2nd or 3rd or 4th yellow, too. But reffing isn't an excuse, that was a terrible performance. Looking at the standings and seeing TFC with 0 points is enough to make me forget about this game LOL
  3. Jarju is gone. http://www.whitecapsfc.com/news/2012/01/jarju-and-davies-move "Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced today that the club has parted ways with striker Mustapha Jarju. The club and player mutually agreed to a contract termination earlier today. Whitecaps FC also confirmed that it has declined the 2012 contract option on midfielder Philippe Davies and the two parties were unable to come to terms on a new agreement. Should Davies choose to continue his career within Major League Soccer, Vancouver will have the right of first refusal for the player." Mutually agreeing to a contract termination... not bad.
  4. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  5. Snowing pretty nicely in fleetwood right now.
  6. So I started a youtube channel today outta boredom. Feel free to check it out. Oh yeah, I'll ban you if you don't subscribe. http://www.youtube.com/user/theEDMfamily
  7. Ferry Corsten is gonna have a big year, calling it right now.
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