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  1. Burrows you have been a warrior but its time

    I tend to think along these lines. Would Burr get picked up on waivers? that contract? It is a business. There is no way that Gaunce or Virtanen aren't better players...right now. Sad but true. I do believe after watching him his whole career here. He left everything he had on the ice. His work ethic and effort have never been a question. He gave us some of the greatest moments... The Slaying of the dragon...The overtime goal in game 2 of the SCF... He was an enormous piece of the puzzle that was our best team in our history.This is why its so hard to say its over but lets face it. It just is
  2. Disappointment

    Subtract Panic Weber, Vrbata, and Barfmouthski. Edler healthier and not playing as tough of minutes. Henrik healthier and rejuvenated... Colour me in the "Optimistic Crowd" too T
  3. Vancouver and Pittsburgh: What did we learn?

    You are comparing him to Murray. Not a real good comparison. He was a winner and had a good career highlighted by a stanley cup and a conn smythe. You brought up Giguere. Moot point though. Moving on.. The spirit of the discussion is what have we learned by Pittsburgh's win. Sidney said it himself "once you make the playoffs anything can happen" IMO the coach had a lot to do with it. Obviously luck was a major factor too as the Hawks, Ducks and Kings were not in the Final Goaltending was a key contributor as well. WD has shown us that he does not adapt well (see Calgary series Ferklund, Vrbata's deployment, Putting Weber out there over and over, Vey, Prust) Maybe he can with a few tweaks to the lineup who knows. After the disastrous season last year after the Calgary Melt down, I am not sure we will win with the guy. The Penguins dictated the pace of the series and played their game. The Sharks were on their heels most of the time. The Sharks were out-Coached Great Discussion! T
  4. Vancouver and Pittsburgh: What did we learn?

    JS Giguere was a great goalie a proven winner over his whole career. Why you would bring him up comparing to Murray is not a real good comparison. I think Matt Murray and Martin Jones are both number 1 guys. Jones got hot at the right time. It was the Thornton and Marleaus who did not step up IMO Ryan Miller was a good goalie but he is on the decline now. Time to go with Markstrom but 6 mil for a back up is not ideal. Good discussion tho T
  5. Vancouver and Pittsburgh: What did we learn?

    You wouldn't say that a Stanley Cup winning, Conn Smythe candidate goalie is not a proven starter? Hmmm. I thought he looked pretty good. Ya he kind of helps, too Nitpicking aside, We had Sullivan here. Soon other teams are going to be going with Gulutzun and Travis Green. Why don't we give one of these guys a shot? Pittsburgh made a great coaching change. Sure they still have the big stars but they were not the whole reason they won. Sullivan deserves a lot of credit for the job he did. Willie "real good" Desjardins must have incriminating pictures or something. What does it take for him to be blamed any? The Canucks were awful last season and chose to stand pat with a coach who got outcoached by Hartley last year. "We" (I don't mean CDC) I Mean the team needs a culture change . T
  6. Cory Schneider wonders the same thing.... #Mismanaged