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  1. Enjoyed your comment in the Burrows thread...I agree about Price...people are so quick to throw in the towel and their emotions change with each and every game - a real love/hate thing. Good thing we have some even keeled fans to weigh it all out.

    Welcome aboard...we look forward to having your input here. :)

  2. First time i post on these forums i was amazed a canucks fan would question burrows place on this team then again in Montreal people where ready to give up on price last summer guess there are idiots all across canada Anyways im a lifelong habs fan but ive been watching the canucks too for three years now and i have a feeling this is the year for vancouver especialy after that incridible first round and what a great feeling it was seeing a fellow Quebecois eliminate the hawks. So lets go Vancouver bring the cup back where it belongs the most beautiful country in the world C A N A D A