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  1. Why doesnt everyone leave theres_a_can_in_canucks alone? You people on CDC make me sick.

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    2. BringBackTheMinus


      Trust me kid, ive seen his posts ive been here awhile. Still doesnt mean you can pick on the guy. Show some respect for your fellow CDCers. He comes here to be part of this community and all he gets is hate. Some of these mods constantly keep banning him instead of telling him what hes doing wrong.

    3. BringBackTheMinus


      I get what your saying but the mods should talk to him instead of suspending him. Whats the point of suspending him if hes gonna come back and do the same stuff. Still i feel some people give him a hard time. He has feelings too.

    4. Ossi Vaananen

      Ossi Vaananen

      He was suspended for retro bumping threads that were 3+ years dead. A justified suspension if you ask anyone on here. As per the hostility directed towards him, it is excessive but not unjustified.

  2. Everyone Please pay your respect to my last minus reptutation point (in my signature). This is a very sad day ;(

  3. Still have minus -37 rep. Too boss.

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    2. :D


      You guys are ruining it. We need to cherish our last remaining negative guys.

    3. BringBackTheMinus


      I wanted to be different.. CDC changed that.

    4. Nail


      "Sicology" :D HAHAHAHAHA