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  1. You are one of many that I think about when I look back fondly.
  2. I often feel nostalgic and pop back in to see what is happening.
  3. Scheduled three weeks apart here.
  4. We should date.

  5. I live in the States now, so I had two Pfizers back in March
  6. Smithers Joe has got to be like 115 by now
  7. I remember you by your old name...
  8. Ouch, no mentions. You're all dead to me.
  9. where u at holmes

  10. :D

    Now and then: CDC

    Used to be active, now just check in every so often. Edit: August 2003... 15 years
  11. Awww, I can do better than that
  12. I forgot what my title was
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