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  1. New site has already jumped the shark, can't sign up with my username.
  2. JOINED August 14, 2003 Twenty years, twenty years of trying to hook up in White Noise ATTwTwe
  3. That's crazy. I've been here since the start andremember the many different cultures that have come and gone. I pop in every couple of months to see what is going on but don't post much anymore. All the same, sucks to lose this place. We had some great times.
  4. We should knock some boots

  5. Dazzle

    You are a legend.

  6. I'm convinced that the Jays are in a slump right now but that they are so solid they will continue to win games despite it.
  7. Cole aint that scary and hasn't been so this season. I have more trepidation about Cortez the Killer than Cole.
  8. Is that the guy with the Simpsons rod avatar? He was alright.
  9. Relax, I'm still here
  10. We should shack up

  11. You are one of many that I think about when I look back fondly.
  12. I often feel nostalgic and pop back in to see what is happening.
  13. Scheduled three weeks apart here.
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