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  1. Huge Raptors fan here! If anyone could message me or reply here with a presale code you'd be forever my hero.
  2. ^This. Obviously if anyone was interested we'd meet prior to the trip. I understand I'm probably going to have no better luck on here than I had with my friends. Just thought I'd throw the idea out there.
  3. I've got popsicles
  4. Not sure if anyone has ever formed a group for going to a Canucks away game here on the message boards. Would really like to see the Canucks play the Bruins in Boston on Jan 21, but I've exhausted countless friend options and no one wants to go. Would be cool to see if anyone might have some interest in this.
  5. Saw on a post a while ago that the Canucks were moving from hard copy to a season ticket card. I'm looking to buy a pair of hard copy tickets on craigslist, so are they legit? Or has the transition not fully happened yet? Dropped my half seasons last year so I'm not really up to date on this year. Thanks!
  6. Last year I was in one on Yahoo. What sites are the best for draft pools?
  7. Since I am still years away on the list for getting Canucks season tickets and waiting for either Vancouver or Seattle to get an NBA team back I want to purchase tickets for something next year. Would the 300 and something $ season tickets for the Whitecaps be a good investment?