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  1. [Trade] VAN Dale Weise to MTL

    This is a good trade imo. Habs fans wanted Diaz gone because they are paranoid about having anyone on the team under 6' tall, not because he is a bad player. The guy is a really good passer and he is actually a pretty good defender as well. His shot isn't great, but we have a bunch of d-men who can shoot already, but no-one who can feed them (one of the problems with our PP imo). I think this is a really good move, I was even going to propose that the Canucks go after Diaz in another thread (admittedly partly because these are the only two teams I follow), I think he's a great fit.
  2. If this speculation is true, I think it is definitely the right choice, the team needs a wakeup call. I'm really curious to see how this works out, but one things for sure, it's going to be fun to watch.
  3. Guy Guy Guy! Haha, I would love to see Carbo behind the bench, the guy coaches an exciting offensive style, he led an average Habs team to 1st in the east, and the year he got fired his replacement did worse than he did! He deserves another shot. Eakins would be an interesting choice too, he seems like a good up and comer. As for that Burrows interview, if it was the one shown on RDS, then I really question where the team 1040 got that quote. Rough translation when asked about whether they had tuned AV out: "despite the short season his message was definitely still getting through, it was still very well delivered, the problem was in the application by the players, not Alain's fault". They very well could be talking about a different interview but from what I watched it seemed like Burrows had nothing but good things to say about the guy.