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    Did I miss anything?  :bigblush:

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      Not really. Welcome back. :) 

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  2. The GM also owns the team so he ain’t going anywhere unfortunately.
  3. So wrong guy named captain? Bo starting to sound a lot like the twins did did the last few years.
  4. I’m coming around on some of these new guys. Seem to add a lot of the bite we’ve been missing for a while now. I really liked Bikel on the back line. Made Pavano’s night really tough. Owusu has a similar type game so looking forward to both of them making opponents hate playing this team. Inbeom’s bad game does concern me though. Seemed hesitant and made poor decisions all night, which isn’t good news for our attack if he doesn’t show better. Definitely a better feeling about this group than anytime over the last 3 seasons.
  5. Who the coach and GM are will never matter as long as Jerry Jones...er I mean the slumlord...is the GM of this team.
  6. I'm torn about this deal right now. We have core players that need to be signed in the next year or two and we're already in a cap crunch. And what concerns me is that JB doesn't have a history of getting good value when trading roster players to free up cap space and/or restocking draft picks and prospects. Regardless of whether we can re-sign Tofolli or not, we'll have to pay the piper at some point. I just worry that we're once again going down the road of trading picks and prospects for success now. Really well managed teams like the Lightening are successful consistently because they're restocking their picks and prospects while the team is good. Sure this will help the team now. But it will cost us in cap flexibility later and ability to re-sign or get value for players later.
  7. This article gets me even more excited about this kid. https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/canucks-prospects-tracker-podkolzin-makes-his-point-rathbone-sees-red
  8. My vote is still for this one. It's catchy, simple, and powerful at the same time.
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