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  1. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    I love the work AV did here but agree a new coach is a step in the right direction. But getting rid of MG would be a much bigger possitive impact. First, no way would Luongo want to stay here with how both AV and MG treated him. But everyone knows we would get more for Cory in a deal. So we are going to get draft picks and retain a portion of his salary as appossed to improving out team now. It would be two punches in the gut, get little to no help now and have less cap room with cap going down. Plus buyouts and or deals involving Edler, Booth, Ballard etc.. are not going to happen with MG, but would most likely happen with any other GM. Is there a way we could get Wally Buono to be the GM?
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