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  1. Hello, old one. I'm baaaack!

    1. oldnews


      That's great. I'll pass the Reynold's Wrap...

  2. Canada is out. Is it just me, or does every team Burrows plays on end up underachieving, despite his infinite clutchness? Maybe he should have stayed with ball hockey.
  3. Burr is the clutchest player in this desert of clutchness we call the Canucks. Kess is clutchless. The Sedins both have burnt out clutches. Lappy doesn't know what a clutch is for, and Edler is the unclutchiest weve seen in awhile.
  4. Happy birthday to Burr! Wonder if he got new golf clubs.
  5. Yo, TACanuck, you spell like a redheaded stepchild. "bargin"???? At $2/yr, that is a bargain! Go Burr, your infinite clutchness will be called upon in spades this spring! Woot woot!!
  6. Burr is sooooo clutch!! He is awesome - reminds me a lot of Matt Cooke (only french).
  7. Burr's on a roll. Hope it continues when we go back to playing teams other than all the cellar dwellers we've been squeaking by for the last week or two.
  8. I still think meemaw is tougher around the net than Burr. She has a great wrister and a helluva snapper. Bazinga!
  9. Nice pass Hank!!! My grandma would score 40 playing with the Sedins!! How many does Burrows have?
  10. To clarify, I did not say the nucks had the 25th best D. I merely suggested that our D may not be "among the leagues best". The stats show our goaltending is far more likely the the reason for our low gaa than our D. But why let facts stand in the way of some good old news? Ps: Old news - stay on topic, this thread is about Burr and his infinite clutchness.
  11. Without Burr, we would have won in regular time. That night he was merely a goat wearing a Superman cape. Baaaaaa
  12. I get the comments about poor skating skills and dumb penalties, but the whole "burr is clutch" thing kind of escapes me. People who site Burr's ot winner against the hawks obviously didn't catch the whole game. It wouldn't even have gone to ot if it weren't for a miscue on the Toews goal, and then the dumb penalty in the ot almost sealed it. Can we do without him? I'd say yes. The better question is, "who would take him?"