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  1. 8 pts - all at even strength +3 playing 11:32/game 37.4% ozone starts in the playoffs thus far....
  2. Doughty and Tkachuk in the same lineup would be a priceless primadonna show. But I'm guessing that's something Giordano would prefer to be left out of. Unless Rob Blake is a fn alchemical genius with a time machine, Los Angeles aint winning anything anytime soon.
  3. Anyone that would one-for-one Miller alone for Tkachuk is out of their mind. Miller isn't simply a point per game player. He's an elite faceoff guy. He's versatile - a guy you can move up and down your lineup - play in all situations - penalty kill, powerplay, plays the game with a chip on his shoulder - a complete player, not a complete asshat - and would kick the living shat out of Tkachuk when it came down to it. The type of guy you want on your team - not the kind that makes you cringe every time his little frat boy edge leaks all over the place. And the
  4. Who referred to it as a "bush league move" Alf? I'm guessing that must've been a Flames homer. I don't see it as bush league whatsoever. That kind of thing is bare minimum imo. Good move by Muzzin. I am literally shocked that Tkachuk is not the target of a whole lot more antagonism, cheap shots, facewashing and invitations to answer - I really think teams around the league have missed the boat on how to handle the guy. Look at the reality there. Push those buttons. The Flames are not a 'heavy' team - they are not an intimidating team - Tkachuk doesn't play with
  5. The Habs are way too content to simply create the clear and reset. They need to move the puck - period. The best place to defend the lead is on the other side of center ice.
  6. Habs need to continue to attack the puck like they did through 40. Do not give any time and space 'defending the lead'.
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