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  1. no tape, but I did used to ride down the basement staircase with her in a cardboard box. might be the origin of my head injuries.
  2. the what? that's an assumption made on the usual basis of....imaginary 'sources'. Pearson did not earn nor command a NMC in his previous deal - and this deal is worth less - he hasn't earned any 'guarantees' to be protected, period - and he did not take a deal that was team-friendly enough to warrant any special, under the table 'extras' included. That's pure, typical Van-media and CDC flakeout where people parrot any convenient freakout speculation endlessly. I'm not particularly in favour of this deal - but I go nowhere near as far as the typical drama-queen thi
  3. you finally got something right lol. but still, your underlying tail-chasing and endless pointless chirping..
  4. chirp chirp from a glass house. ignorant, petty chirping that ironically has nothing to do with hockey talk or the trade that this thread regards.
  5. Fair enough - but if you're wondering why you got that tone in response, it irritates me when people come with attitude and pull that "dude" thing that you did - if you want a polite conversation, maybe don't initiate with that. I didn't single out one of your comments - I responded to a pair of comments that reflected what I thought at first glance, but then when I looked closer I adjusted my opinion on the deal. If I were looking to 'attack' or dismiss posts, there were plenty far more 'attackable' posts in this thread - I elected to initiate a conversation where I stated the co
  6. Kudos to Miller - stated his case and did so in an entirely fair, level-headed manner. The league should simply call the season for this team. What is the point? This team is not positioned to compete for a postseason spot - it doesn't really serve anyone to have a bunch of makeshift games played that will impact the standings for other teams. Those teams that don't get to play a M.A.S.H. Canucks unit are at a disadvantage - and the Canucks players themselves - are at risk - in various ways. Just call it what it is. Over.
  7. It has nothing to do with having a problem. If anyone has a problem here, it's you. I posted the objective facts of his deployment - you wanted to argue with them - that he was not being used as a top 6 forward but you posted no sources/metrics to show that. I don't know why you want to continue to argue that - without any sources/facts - but that's your prerogative - it aint personal - it's a simple matter of his actual deployment. His numbers are not particularly impressive in context, and even worse when it matters. If you have something to refute that, let it rip - but from
  8. The problem with the idea that 'Detroit wins' the deal hands down - is that people do not separate the elements of this deal. Of course any team that eats a cap dump in exchange for picks/assets appears to 'win' a deal - because they tend to be bottomfeeders for whom short term cap space isn't particularly vital. And fans in rething markets crave those futures more than anything. The reality is that half the value of those picks - at least - has to be considered to go to the 5.5+ million of cap dump that Detroit ate. When you separate that - and then look a
  9. I could not care less if you have him in fantasy - I'm not dealing in fantasy - I posted the facts of the frequency of his linemates. He's not a bottom six forward - he's a prototypical top six or bust type. Not only has he played predominantly with top 6 forwards - but as I already also posted - his zone starts for the season are 68% - nothing resembling 'bottom 6' minutes. If you have a source that shows that Dobber has it wrong - feel free to post it. "Dude".
  10. Thanks for that - but it has literally no relevency to Pearson.
  11. I would not have made that claim if I had not actually looked at his deployment. You might want to check your facts before making a correction like this. Healthy scratched is irrelevent. His most common linemates have been Backstrom and Wilson. Kuznetsov is his 3rd most frequent linemate. His most frequent bottom six deployment was with Eller and Sprong = 6% of his 5on5 ice time. https://frozenpool.dobbersports.com/players/jakub-vrana Another one-liner assuming who 'won' the deal is just that - and premature.
  12. LA retained 50%. Cap friendly showing Carter as a 2.6 cap hit. Pitt gets away without having to give up a 1st - like the Laffs did.
  13. ? there is no NMC - on either - so he can be exposed. the expansion draft is on July 21st. players who's term expires this summer - are free agents as of July 1st. what makes you believe that a NMC would have to exist in both deals for Pearson to be guaranteed protection? regardless - he does not have that guarantee. It will be entirely at management's discretion. the whole 'verbal agreement' thing is whisper material not worth taking seriously.
  14. If Vrana can't produce playing with the Capitals top 6 I'm not sure that needing a 'change of scenery' is a solid assumption. Look at the market value/precedents of moving 5.5+ million of dead cap. Panik has been the worst Capital on the ice this year, 'old' or not - outcomes already posted. At a glance I thought this looked like a good take for Yzerman - once you scratch the surface though, it's a reasonable deal both ways - Yzerman didn't fleece anyone here - he got what you'd expect imo under the circumstances. If anything - he took the greater risk, because h
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