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  1. LOL. Just starting to watch this game - and they're trolling me with Kelly fn Hrudey as "colour".
  2. There is never really an "explanation" for when a team goes through a streak they would rather not. The bottom line - the veterans like Edler, Beagle, Hamonic, Sutter, Schmidt, Roussel - who have lead the team in penalty klling minutes - are all long term PROVEN very good penalty killers - and we are talking about tiny samples here (ie where a few goals makes a HUGE difference / impression - ie 2/10 as opposed to 4/10 = and no one is talking about it) - overlapping with / amplified by the powerplay not producing anything. Two game sample = relatively meaningless. People micro-dwelling on a game or two lose sight of the fact that this happens regularly - to any team. The veterans are of no concern. And the young, talented powerplay guys - will get theirs. There really is no point fishbowling it - getting anxious over snapshots.
  3. They have lacked some intensity the last couple games. While they have a handful of players with a half dozen or handful of hits (6/5) - Beagle, Motte, MacEwen, and Edler - most people would probably not anticipate that the last guy in the group would be Boeser. Point isn't necessarily to single out any particular player - they (probably) need to be more aggressive overall as a group throughout the lineup - but Roussel with a pair of hits through 3 games, Horvat 2, Hamonic 1....maybe the types of players the team needs more 'heaviness' from.
  4. That is priceless. And (posted this before, but maybe worth repeating).... NHL games experience: Pettersson 141 Boeser 199 Hoglander 2 Gaudette 122 MacEwen 23 Motte 189 Hughes 75 Juolevi 2 Demko 38 So looks like there's room for about 1 more on JT's back. Anyhow - that's a pretty significant list / amount of youth / reasons to be patient with the team (ie when they're inconsistent) - or have dry spells on the powerplay (they all go through dry spells and streaks - but this group is exceptionally talented and has all the elements, so no need to fret imo)....
  5. With Schmidt you also avoid the 6th and 7th years of term at 8.25 (and a NMC) - when OEL will be 35, 36 years old....(and save 2.3 million in cap every season in the meantime...) 5 x 5.95 vs 7 x 8.25
  6. perhaps all the more reason for those two teams to work out a deal involving Laine, Roslovic and Dubois. I'd love to see Dubois in Winnipeg.
  7. The Blues had a lineup full of guys suffering from Covid!! Played 7 games vs our guys.... And yet - no Canucks appear to have had it. Cool story.
  8. or dial back to 2015? (in which case, may as well stick with Hamonic).
  9. That might explain why he looked so "off" / disengaged last game. Have never seen him aloof like that - and it happened a number of times.
  10. The Roslovic discussion - re:Van - is relatively pointless imo - he's not going to play top 6 minutes here, at least certainly not at center - and he's no upgrade over a number of young wingers this franchise already has. As for a 3C - if they were looking to acquire a young forward that could grown into a very good 3C - I would be pursuing Nick Paul as opposed to most of the names that get thrown around - but do so quickly because that price is only going to escalate imo.
  11. 12 goals, 19 assists, sub 50% faceoff guy, 56.4% ozone starts... He's just not "all that". Imagine if Virtanen (who had better production in less opportune minutes) - were publicly complaining about not getting top 6 minutes.... I'd say that Roslovic is premature and that the 'adults' advising him might give him a bit more of a reality check... However - at the same time, on a side note - it is impossible not to notice how many players are not happy with the Jets...(a steady stream of significant talent wanting out of there) - and I'm not going to tag that on the city - I have to wonder how much Maurice factors in (he may not be Tortorella, but ...) I think I probably would have gone with a different coach some time ago (and not simply based on an assumption that he doesn't build great relationships with his players). Anyhow - it's sad to see that franchise take so many losses - they were absolutely shafted at a time they had built a very good team (and sent to a desert). Wadr to Vancouver - that fan base probably deserves better (moreso than this one).