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  1. Two more signings tomorrow... Hainsey and Leivo at a million+ish each....
  2. 5 x 20 goal/82 game scorers for them this year - and Backlund is also typically in that range - had a 16 goal (19 per 82 games) season this year - so a 6th guy right on the cusp of 20 goals....
  3. One thing that would take away from him being 38 - is him being Mark Giordano. I dunno - seems like those points might apply to someone else, but don't really fit a discussion of Giordano. That Norris isn't a gimmick from years gone by - he won that last year - and probably 'should have' had a lot more Norris consideration in previous years. He played 24 minutes this year - that's more than his 14 year career average. Scored 31 points, played all the hard minutes he usually does. Was a principal penalty killer - as always. And you are talking about 1 year of term remaining when Seattle picks it's e.d. players....none of those players - Garrison, Grabovski, Stoner, Clarkson...are anywhere near comparables to Giordano. Some guys just age well - work hard - possess the kind of intelligence that is 'timeless'....I think he's one of those - and I also think that if he plays with Tanev, he's likely to benefit from a high end, mobile shutdown partner, highly intelligent, great first pass, excellent puck retrieval.....I won't be surprised if Giordano actually has a better season next year than this...
  4. The bubble rosters were 31 players - so an extra 8 players were allowed to join the club. Typically in playoff hockey you can have any number of players available - but you're limited to 4 non-emergency recalls onto your roster - effectively capping your 'roster' at 27 (with the exception of injury/'emergency' replacements). If there is no AHL this coming year, but the NHL does play - then it's likely there is some kind of 'black aces' extensions of the rosters... If you're typically allowed 4 recalls, and this year were allowed 8 extras....it's possible it falls in that range - and additionally it will be interesting to see but the likelihood would probably be that typical waivers would also have to be modified/suspended... Teams might wind up with forward groups in the 16/17 range, 10/11 D, 4 goaltenders...?
  5. They have 14 forwards signed - and a million of cap space. They can waive both LE and Baer....replace one with a Hawryluk or other prospect - and gain a couple hundred k - and assign 1 million of that to Virtanen. Meaning they are close to being able to sign Virtanen under the cap (have about 2.3 mllion in this scenario). They then need to add a 7th D....So they are about a Juolevi cap hit over, perhaps 1 million if we factor Virtanen at 2.45 as opposed to 2.3.... They can go 10% over in the offseason. They can go with a 22 player roster to start. They may not have a healthy Ferland. They don't need to - nor is it advisable - to buyout Sutter. If they 'need' to get rid of cap - it needs to come in winger form (or Benn).
  6. I don't think the Jets have the cap for Virtanen - or need for a RW... Perhaps a Gaudette for Roslovic deal......although I'm not sure why Roslovic would need a fresh start? (or Gaudette....)
  7. "Dude" 23% offensive zone starts 2nd highest on ice sv% of all forwards (Sutter was #1). 59.1% faceoff guy - one of, if not the best in the NHL (taking dzone draws into consideration, he is the best). 19 Canucks gave up more on ice goals against per 60 (5on5) - not one of them played as hard minutes as he did. #1 penalty killing forward (3:02/game). Even better in the playoffs - where his line outscored the opposition 5on5, in ridiculously hard minutes against teams like St Louis and Vegas.... What sucks is your one-liner take - with literally zero context.....
  8. good penalty killer and hard minutes bottom six. Jankowski, Reider, Frolik out....they probably need a player or two like this...
  9. I'm not going to suggest that he will be dealt....(or even that I'd 'want' him to be...) But if they were to deal him, as, for example, a principal in a deal for a guy like Foote (or other young RHD) ..then, this is a nice moveable Covid context cap hit.
  10. I think people might be getting carried away believing this indicates the precursor to buying out Sutter, or presuming that he'll replace a Roussel.... I think what it indicates is that they've added a young player that is a good organizational fit - whether it's on the Canucks roster if he earns that spot, or in Utica. It's too early to pencil him in as a bottom six center. Same with Gaudette - it's premature to be dumping Sutter in the absence of a proven replacement. The team still needs to integrate youth - beyond EP and Hughes - and regardless, providing them with the best opportunities to succeed remains a priority imo (ie "foundation"). Imo if Hawryluk makes the team it'll likely be as a second natural center playing wing on one of the shutdown lines. The nice thing about this player - he's versatile enough to play wing, be hard to play against, has talent and upside as a base to build upon, and has the potential/possibility to develop into an NHL center - but regardless, he makes sense on each of those levels.... Fits organizational need - and he's a young forward.....I wanted Richardson, but I see Hawryluk as a potential longer term option, one that makes different sense. Richardson may have enabled another move - but I'd prefer more natural center additions.... If they're going to dump anyone, it's going to be LW imo.... Look forward to seeing guys like him and MacEwen come in and push for spots. Still hope they re-sign Leivo. The only thing I might assume at this point - is that LE is done here!
  11. ? Pretty sure one of the first things he did as GM was acquire Derek Dorsett. Benning isn't just learning on the job - that's probably the fanbase projecting....
  12. Useless pseudo-metric - with no real relevence in relation to Motte or Beagle (who I doubt you realize/let alone adjust for their deployment) - but otherwise, I'm not going to argue with your belief that this is a good signing (just the misleading sandbag of a player like Motte thay you use to arrive at it). This kind of signing is not one that should be played off of a player like Motte, period.
  13. Maybe a loopy idea... But let's entertain it..... I'd proposed the team do the same thing with Bertuzzi back in the day. The reason being - Bertuzzi was an exceedingly vacant player without the puck his entire tenure here. I never would have considered making an NHL defenseman out of him though - but I would suggest he spend his offseasons playing the role in order to develop his game without the puck.... Virtanen is a light years better defensive forward than Bertuzzi was - Bert didn't really develop those aspects of his game until he was forced to late in his career - ie in Detroit - in order to continue to carve out an NHL role. Virtanen as a defenseman - in all the road hockey and pond hockey he plays in the offseason...not a bad idea.
  14. Guilty. Admittedly - the Province is not a place I go to read - or gain information. And in this case - it wasn't simply a headline - it's a full page "Goat-medal winner". If that's not sensationalized bait, not sure what is. Kudos to them for making the small print an outlier from their typical efforts - have read enough of them over the years to know enough to steer clear - of all the things I've learned from hockey media, I'm not sure any of it ever originated from that source.
  15. Glad they got this player signed. Not going to repeat the points made in the rumours thread regarding him.... A good fit - a talented young guy that's hard to play against - and a natural center who could potentially develop into an NHL center - and in the meantime, perhaps provide a natural center's presence on the wing of a bottom six line if he earns a spot- otherwise also a good fit and need for Utica.